The Egress Rundown

SP.Bldg“The new Egress Rundown is the ultimate recovery of lost tech that puts you in charge of your eternity!” gushed Flag spokesman Ken Delusion.”

“Fully ninety-dimensional and epic, the Egress Rundown is the embodiment of Axiom 1188: “The way out is the way through — the nearest door.”

“In this supremely vital, and confidential, new planetary-changing rundown preclears actually go exterior from the Church, COB, and, yes, even the IAS! This is the Egress to Total Freedom!”


.3“OMFG!” exclaimed OT Jenny L., “I got my life back from doing the Egress Rundown. I was at a stuck point for decades and then *POW!* I went through the Egress and instantly went exterior to Flag, the Church, COB and everything else. No more held down 7’s! for this thetan!”

sacry.1“I was keyed-in for decades,” confessed OT Dave B. “I was a complete NCG.  Then *BOOM* the Egress Rundown. I went exterior to Flag, the Church, COB, and my posts and hats. I am finally at cause!”


“You name it: the RPF, the Hole, SRA’s, ecclesiastical beatings: Nothing could crack my case,” declared OT Marc Y. ” Then I did the Egress Rundown and *WHAM!* I suddenly went exterior with full perception. I was literally on a public street and was fully myself in present time. I can now do whatever I want!”

The Egress Rundown can be done solo, as a co-audit, or in groups. The Egress Rundown is free and is as close as the nearest egress.

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  1. Wow. And to think that the Super Power Building only cost $200 million. btw, have you ever noticed that the abbreviation for Super Power is “SP”?


  2. It is not for the faint of heart, as it requires examining all of your stable data regarding the relative priorities of your dynamics.

    We can say one thing with certainty, and that is when it’s over, it’s over.


  3. The Egress Rundown was the highpoint of my brief time in Scientology…glad I was able to utilize the Egress tech early on. It makes OT look like an airhead fantasy…just sayin.


  4. I was so worried David Misstheboat Miscavige had no plan to save Scientology, I should have known he would give the world The Egress Rundown. This will save the Planet! And free! Get your family in sigh up children, grandchildren, and future eggs and sperm, all are welcome.


  5. It worries me that the Egress Rundown is free. I hope this out-exchange trend doesn’t continue or the the IAS will suffer severe cash flow problems.

    Of course people should be free to leave to leave Scientology just as they could leap off a tall bridge, but they should be mindful of Ron’s wise words in ‘Keeping Scientology Working’ – “It’s a tough world….We’d rather have you dead than incapable” and ensure they have made a recent will naming COB as the beneficiary or they’d flunk the Rundown.



  6. I don’t understand why such squirrely processes are even given airtime. Notice nobody thanked COB or LRH? Proof enough it’s squirrel!

    Andrew has a point about the exchange factor. It’s free, so out exchange, so obviously not scientology. That alone should be enough to alert anyone to the fact this is an SP squirrel process smuggled in after Ron’s departure by wholetrack suppressives to guide anyone off the Bridge to Total Cause.

    Don’t touch it, it’s dangerous!


  7. As a true masochist and sociopath I can not let go. From the moment I stalked my first critic I felt the power. When the beloved and unalterable Basics came out I made sales go through the roof with ruthless vigor I felt the power. When that crazy lady’s letter came out in the start of 2012 and my family left I felt the power of disconnection. I wouldn’t care if I found out that COB injected LRH with psych drugs himself and watched him die with a shit eating grin. The Tech satisfies all that I need to destroy others and I will do it over and over again for the rest of my meat-body lifetimes.


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