Craigslist Ad


WM smoker into CoSplay wants to meet other WM smokers into CoSplay. Can host in Hollywood or Hemet. Must be into naval uniforms, wrestling, and drinking. No holds barred action. Call “Capt. Beatdown” @ xxx-xxx-xxxx after 10PM.

7 responses to “Craigslist Ad

  1. Good to see Captain Miscavige is attemping to make new friends. He is known for preying well with others.


  2. Captain Beatdown, is that a SECs Check in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me? I’ll show you mine if you show me yours. You can contact me at @1emetercanfitsinsideanother


  3. We’re all for full disclosure, but this advertisement for the oiliness rundown is TMI…


  4. Nobody rocks a fake naval uniform like Capt. Miscavige, except maybe the guys in that Village People video. Speaking of fake naval uniforms, our local community theatre is staging a production of Pirates of Penzance and is in need of costumes. Who would be a good contact point at the church to make a call for surplus fake naval uniforms?


  5. Could this “Captain Beatdown” from Craigslist be the same as the “RuftyTuftyShortarseCub” who used to advertise on Grindr?
    Ron & Davy Leathermen!


  6. Mr. WM, are you divorced? What happened to your marriage?


  7. my question exactly, jgg2012


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