Church of Scientology Freedom Media & Ethics on Twitter: One Follower and Growing!

We at Freedom Media & Ethics are taking a resolute stand against the broadcasting and publishing of false information.

We at Freedom Media & Ethics strongly believe, more or less, that free speech is not a free pass to broadcast or publish false information. However, SP’s and the enemies of the Church of Scientology are excluded. It is Fair Game on SP’s  only right for we as the most ethical journalists on the planet to confront and shatter SP’s by using false and misleading information or even outright lies.

This is how principled we are in defense of the truth.

Our 2015 stats to date: 2 Tweets and 1 Follower!

Take that Alex Gibney and HBO!

You and your fancy wog film festival!


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  1. Why did Alex Gibney and HBO ignore the real story?

    The real story is that, in the last decade of the OO’s, COB RTC David Miscavige went on a colossal real estate buying binge unrivaled by any other group on the planet except for perhaps Wal-Mart, Starbucks, McDonald’s, Google, real estate investment firms, etc.

    Discounting these sorts of wog businesses that expanded in the same era and purchased and refurbished real estate, the real story here is that the Church of Scientology purchased, renovated, and opened various and sundry buildings that now stand on the crossroads of civilization as Ideal Orgs.

    This is what HBO should have reported instead of, “regurgitating…stale, discredited allegations.”

    “Gibney and HBO stonewalled more than a dozen requests by the Church to offer relevant information about them, with more than 25 individuals with firsthand information eager to speak.”

    These people include Church of Scientology International spokesman Mr. Ken Delusion.


  2. Pope Chairman Captain Miscaviage snickered under his breath. Sipping a 25 year old malted scotch, he reached for a celebretory cigarette to soothe the burn of the alchohol. He had just finished listening again to PT Barnum’s autobiography. The first time through back in the 90’s, he was struck by Barnum’s encaptulating epistle, “There’s a sucker born every minute”. This powerful missive was the seed which germinated into the flowering shrub of GAK, GAT, Super Power, The Basics, and GAT II.

    Listening again to Barnum, he was struck for the first time by the power of another core thought of the genius PT Barnum…

    “There is no such thing as bad publicity.”

    Thinking back over 2014, by such standards it had been a very good year. Looking ahead, 2015 promised to be even better. Looking into the mirror the Pope Chairman Captain poured himself another and lifted the glass in toast to his reflection allowing a self satisfied twisted smile to form at the corners of his mouth.


  3. For immediate broad publication, all Ideal Orgs, all planets in this sector, all disembodied thetans, etc:

    FLAG ORDER # 6,314,305

    It has been ordered by the Pope, His Majesty David, that Alex Gibney should be immediately arrested, heavily fined, censored for life, beaten and jailed and upon release exiled from US shores, disconnected from our salvation forever and forever for the next 1,000,000 lifetimes on earth as a junk yard dog.

    Even as the Church moves on to Sector II and leaves this shithole prison planet in complete shambles (not worth the effort after all to Clear it), Alex Gibney and anyone even remotely connected to him and everyone who participated in this shear heresy chock full of lies money motivated film are also hereby declared Suppressive Dogs to be starved and physically abused for the next 1,000,000 lifetimes.

    Pope Dave


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