Wog Talk — An Intercepted Conversation!

We in RTC have intercepted “wog talk” and are posting it here for intelligence purposes. This cables intercept is a clear indication that SP’s are plotting against us! Please make a heroic and monumental donation to the IAS so we can destroy the internet and stop wogs from talking!

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  1. Five THOUSAND percent? Pah, that’s nothing. We in Narconon laugh at your petty stats. We in Narconon were able to utilise Hallowe’en to hand out bags of marijuana and post-marijuana snacks to 16000% more children than last Hallowe’en. This way we get them coming AND going.


  2. Has the “Fire Your FSM” post been disappeared and de-personed?

    I understand that there is a need to revise history from time to time, but isn’t there always an announcement first like “Daytime has been cancelled and music never existed” so that everyone knows what they need to be thinking and feeling?



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