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Donald Trump & the Good Extraterrestrials vs. The Evil Illuminati

The SP Pete Griffiths shared FB posts made by a Scientologist on the criminally suppressive Facebook group SP’s ‘r’ US. A wholetrack psych implanter, Pete’s attempt at joking and degrading about deadly serious extraterrestrial-Scientology affairs has been noted by we in RTC. A report has been placed in Pete’s permanent Ethics file.

Wog Talk — An Intercepted Conversation!

We in RTC have intercepted “wog talk” and are posting it here for intelligence purposes. This cables intercept is a clear indication that SP’s are plotting against us! Please make a heroic and monumental donation to the IAS so we can destroy the internet and stop wogs from talking!

Captain Miscavige Declares Flag Down an Illegal Criminal Assembly

CDM.10Captain David Miscavige today declared Flag Down an illegal criminal assembly.

Captain Miscavige additionally banned Church parishioners from going anywhere within 3000 nautical miles of Flag Down.

Comrade Dr. Frank Wonderman, CO Ethics and Image

Comrade Dr. Frank Wonderman, CO Ethics and Image

“This 3000 nautical mile SP exclusionary zone is intended to protect Church parishioners from coming into contact with any newspaper or television coverage of Flag Down,” declared Comrade Dr. Frank Wonderman, CO of Ethics and Image.

“As a result of the SP exclusionary zone, all 512 Scientology parishioner in Florida have been ordered to relocate to the Seattle Ideal Org for the duration of Flag Down. Tents, cots, and porta-potties have been set up in the Org parking lot. A small fee of $5,000 per person will be charged for these amenities.”

Dianetics Tank Battalion 7 has been deployed to guard Flag Land Base against the bands of marauding SP’s, Psychs, and Marcabs expected to attend Flag Down.

“As an added precaution, all Flag Land Base personnel will be evacuated to Pac Base in Hollywood for the duration of Flag Down.”

“Dianetics Tank Battalion 7 has also been deployed to guard Flag against Flag Down and its so-called free speech.”

“‘Free speech’ is not the freedom to attack the Scientology religion,” Comrade Dr. Wonderman emphasized in his RTC-approved remarks. “Moreover, this entire Psych-funded Flag Down event was staged only because GAT II has gone into highest ever  straight up and vertical screaming affluence and so the Psychs are now fighting back in their death throes like savage cornered animals.”

church-of-spiritual-technology-trementina-base“I myself will be personally coordinating all activities concerned with Flag Down from the RTC Strategic Command Bunker here at Trementina Base,” Comrade Dr. Wonderman stated in his prepared remarks.

“Finally, as of 0100 hours 3 May 2014, Captain Miscavige has placed the entire Church of Scientology into CONFUSION for allowing Flag Down to happen. We as a group have failed Captain Miscavige and deserve only to suffer up through the conditions.”

Ocean FM Ireland Reenactment a Screaming Success

The Ocean FM interview with a Church of Scientology member about the tremendous success of the Truth of Drugs campaign is receiving great praise and acclaim globally.


Indeed, so great is the acclaim that COB RTC David Miscavige specifically mentioned the Ocean FM interview to tens of thousands of Scientology parishioners during the recent New Year’s Eve event at Flag Land Base.

But then what happened next was shocking. Pete Griffiths, a known enemy of the Church of Scientology, contacted Ocean FM and learned that the interview never actually happened. Well of course it never happened. It was a reenactment of an interview that took place in a non-Ocean FM studio in North Donegal.

Scientology DSA Sabrina Shortt of Donegal went on the air with Ocean FM to explain why this interview was a reenactment and not an outright lie:

We in RTC regret any enturbulation caused by our reenactment of an event that never actually happened.

Next month Flag will stage a reenactment of COB RTC David Miscavige receiving the Nobel Peace Prize for GAT II and Super Power.