Violent and Abusive Scientology Juvenile Delinquent Sent from US to Africa


Scientology Africa Problem Child Organization (SAPCO) has, once again, preserved sanity and peace in America by placing a particularly vicious and insane American juvenile delinquent with an OT family in Johannesburg.

“D” will be handled using the harshest Scientology justice actions,” SAPCO CO/INT Mr. Radovan Krejcir declared.

“This ‘D’ will be no problem for we at SAPCO, particularly given the fact that he has been cut off from his IAS piggy bank. ‘D’ will be running laps under the hot sun in the SAPCO compound until such a time as he destimulates from his incident and fully writes up his overts and withholds,” Mr. Krejcir stated.

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    • “D” cannot take human milk.

      In any case, “D” prefers to hunt and kill and take his meals with the local hyenas.

      “D” is seen here at lunch. In the background is the buzzard known as Charmaine Rodgers. She is waiting for “D” to finish so she can take her commissions scraps.


    • No, the wardrobe malfunction was a result of IAS regges ripping at the woman’s dress in search of cash hidden in her bra. As the regges discovered to their horror, there was no cash and no bra. Accordingly, the regges immediately wrote up a KR documenting both of these outnessess.


  1. How can I be sure this is not some PR trick to convince critics that the CofS is reforming itself from the top down, from the inside out, to give itself a kinder gentler face to the world?


    • A PR trick? Is that really how little you think of we in the Church of Scientology? Doesn’t it count for something that we reduced drug use in Ireland by 5,000%? And what about the fact that we reduced crime in Colombia by 12,000%? And how about our 1.435 billion members who live the 15,901 countries of the world scattered on the fifty-two continents of Earth? We in the Church of Scientology are above phony PR tricks, fake stats, and other contrivances designed to make us appear to be something we are not. Our results and Ideal Organizations speak for themselves.

      Don’t be misled by all of the dream stealers, entheta merchants, and the satire sites on the internet!

      We invite you to read a Scientology book or drop by an Ideal Org for a free personality test.

      Decide for yourself.


  2. I noted a short while ago, that some evil defrocked indie on another blog asked if David Miscavige was training a replacement for himself.
    Looks like the answer is here. (I wonder how many back-ups there are, he is a tough act to follow.)


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