Scientology Africa Handling “Problem Children” For Wealthy Scientology Parishioners


Wealthy Scientology OT Pharmaceutical Billionaire Dob Ruggan

Are you a wealthy Scientology parishioner in good standing with the Church?

Do you have a problem child or children?

If so, then the Scientology Africa Problem Child Organization (SAPCO) stands ready to serve you. Here’s how it works:

1. Donate for one Ideal Org in Africa per problem child + $15,000 USD per month in expenses.

2. Your problem child is shipped into Africa on a Scientology Religious Worker’s Visa. Whereupon, you can forget that this child ever existed. He or she is no longer your problem. This leaves you free to go up your Bridge and run your group of companies. Your money and Bridge, after all, are senior to any second dynamic considerations.

3. Your child is kept inside a Scientology compound where he or she is minded by tough hand-selected OT’s who tolerate no backflash. These compounds have been personally approved by COB RTC David Miscavige and are guarded 24/7 by local mercenaries.

4. Outside of the COB-approved Scientology compound is a very dangerous environment. Spoiled rich children are far too terrified to leave the compound and venture outside, particularly when they have no money. And then there are the mercenary guards. Moreover, no phones or internet connections are allowed. On the other hand, SAPCO compounds are Tech-rich and feature a running program and a full Basics and Congresses library.

5. Any misbehavior is ruthlessly handled using highly successful Tech proven effective by Scientology OT Wally Hanks:

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  1. Couldn’t the misbavin’ little tykes just be “donated” to the Cadet Org and be obligated to be out of their parent’s hair for the next billion or so years?


  2. SAPCO has been around for a while now. I remember my parents tried to sign me up when I was little, and my dad had me all packed and ready to go. But the SAPCO CO looked at the check and said, “This is only half the first payment… This will only get him halfway across the Atlantic!” Laughs all around. Then my dad says, “Seriously, if the check’s no good, I can have it in cash by tomorrow.”

    Mom says they were just playing a birthday prank on me and that it was way too out-PR to actually work.


  3. This is just another great example of how Scientology handles…. and saves problem children! They just use the tech………exactly the way LRH wanted them to.

    It´s PURE MAGIC!!!


  4. Are the gong to offer a similar service to get rid of problem spouses, because I’m betting some whales would donate generously to that service?


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