The Freewinds Crippled and Adrift in the Ocean!

Freewinds2“The MV Freewinds has run out of fuel, electrical power, and food somewhere between Aruba and Cartagena,” reported Commander Ken Delusion of the Scientology Maritime Bureaux.

“The ship is now drifting aimlessly out to sea. The real danger is here is of the CIA, SMERSH, Interpol, the Psychs, Global Capitalism HQ, and other pirates boarding the ship and stealing OT VIII course packs.”

“The toilets are not working, there is no food, and there is no air conditioning in the brutal summer heat, however, these things are only meat body concerns,” Delusion noted.

“The real crisis here is that emergency cash donations are needed to refuel and re-provision The Freewinds at sea. The OT VIII course packs must be kept from falling into the wrong hands! Money is needed now, now, now for the rescue operation!”

jp-cruise-articleLargeLeft: Delirious from the heat and a lack of food and water, Freewinds passengers were spotted signaling for help to an IAS helicopter. A note was dropped asking for credit card numbers and cash.

“It would be out exchange to simply rescue Freewinds passenger and crew unless they paid first,” Delusion commented. “So unless their families and Scientology parishioners come up with some money fast, the fate of The Freewinds and all the thetans onboard is left to the cruel whims of King Neptune.”

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  1. I encountered Ted Bragin early one Saturday morning(3 am) in 1994 at a girlfriend’s house in Clearwater with his gestapo IAS shills regging for money to help out in Germany. I accused him of being a Nazi and he went nuts!


  2. β€œThe toilets are not working, there is no food, and there is no air conditioning in the brutal summer heat, however, these things are only meat body concerns,”
    Oh, for a second there I thought you were talking about Tampa Org when I used to go.

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  3. How come the IAS has to ask for credit card numbers for passengers on that ship? They should have gotten those before letting them on board. Did they lose them the information? Someone is going to RPF for this horrible screw up!!!!!


    • We in RTC know from decades of experience that dishonest Scientology parishioners tend to hide some “emergency funds” or “secret credit cards” or “retirement money” from the Church. It is very revealing to see how the threat of starvation and death suddenly improves both the memory of lying parishioners and their willingness to donate vitally needed funds.

      We in RTC have a feeling that The Freewinds Emergency Rescue Fund will soon be fully funded by the passengers and crew…

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  4. Not mentioned by Mr. Delusion was the fact the IAS chopper snagged OT Hatting expert Gavin Potter with a rescue basket and spirited him quickly to a Caribbean airstrip where a Gulfstream 650 quickly flew him to California for a (crush regging) mission tour designed to save the MV Freewinds, thereby preserving the security of the tech,

    We know you’ve seen the flyers announcing Gavin Potter’s tour. Now you understand the why, as well as the critical need and imperative importance. Need we implore you to make it go right for Gavin Potter, for the MV Freewinds, or especially for COB? We didn’t think so.

    When you attend, Gavin Potter’s tone 40 insistence on an even exchange results in his revelation of OT Hatting secrets such as how create more time, more energy, and more finance to go OT. Your investment in the MV Freewinds is an OT investment in your eternity, so make it a big one.

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    • “Cannibalism” is such an ugly word. And so yes, except for OT Hatting expert Gavin Potter and a few other upstats whom we in RTC bothered to have rescued, those who remain stranded onboard The Freewinds will soon begin eating the weakest amongst themselves. They pulled this in and have only themselves to blame.

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    • Absolutely!!!! If there was a single true OTVIII on that ship, he or she would either have teleported back home or postulated full tanks of diesel!!!!!!!!

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  5. As Hubbard showed, as a religion it HAS TO BE UNBELIEVABLE TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY… and eL Ron was a scifi hack producing awlful CHIT paperback trash that BECAME SCIENTOLOGY! “Stupid is as Stupid does!” -Forrest Gump a scientologist denier and NOT A JACK’off REACHER’round like ‘Little Tommy Cruiser’ πŸ˜‰


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