GAT II Preclears Going Exterior With No Perceptions!


“Scientologists on GAT II are going exterior with no perceptions in record numbers,” enthused Church spokesman Ken Delusion.

Exterior with No Perceptions is the single most important GAT II technical breakthrough ever achieved by COB,” Delusion noted. “This state is, in fact, New OT X.”

“While ‘Exterior with No Perceptions’ may resemble sleep or even bodily death,” Delusion observed, “this state is actually the very advanced the EP of New OT X: The Comatosis of Total Dedication.” 

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  1. Does anybody know where Shelley Miscavige is???

    Could it be that she did OT X and went EXTERIOR WITH NO PERCEPTIONS, and while experiencing THE COMATOSIS OF TOTAL DEDICATION her body simply vanished into thin air never to be seen again?

    I´m thinking: With Scientology – and specifically with COB – anything is possible!!!


  2. I was stably exterior for like 8hrs last night! I almost got ran over by a freight train on Venus and cleared an entire planet myself! It was awesome and I owe it all to COB. Raymond Shaw, I mean COB, is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being I’ve ever known in my life. Thank YOU good sir!


  3. When I was still in, the temporary posted receptionist in DK Fdn was bored to pieces doing nothing aside from just sitting there. When a person came in through the entrance door and went to the wardrobe just a few feet opposite, he asked the person coming out:
    Don’t you feel it ?
    Feel what ? was the normal reply.
    Don’t you feel beeing exterior from the closet ?
    That’s how he learned who was serious re. Joking and Degrading 😀


  4. I have a poster of the Tone Scale, before it was altered by whole track SP psyches. On top of this chart is the picture you see above! A little known fact is that the original Tone Scale went to 50.0 “Exterior With No Perception”.
    Thank COB for his fearless leadership in finding this lost data.


  5. Exterior with no perceptions is factually the only way to fully escape reality.

    And why would anyone desire an escape from the brutal reality of this prison planet Teegeeack? If you need to ask the question, it’s obvious you’re not far enough up the IAS bridge to infinity.

    Big Beings give big amounts. Their big “no perception” beingness fills a room. Their larger than life trophies actually prove the point.

    Why couldn’t it be you? Get on the IAS bridge today with a five, six, or seven figure donation and relish the freedom NO perception of reality. The more you give the greater the magnification of your lack of any perception whatsoever.

    Make your reality break official….donate today.


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