Dave’s Org now open in Clearwater!

techFollowing a surprise tech inspection of Flag Service Organization, we in RTC have cancelled all FSO certs. We have additionally bypassed the negligent criminal management in CSI and have accordingly revoked all FSO licenses to use any Scientology technology.

These drastic actions were taken when FSO was found to be guilty of thousands of instances of gross Out Tech. Overt FSO products include hundreds of  so-called OT’s who have had to re-do TR’s & Objectives! This is a thing that should not be, and yet, incredibly, it is true!

Given Flag’s decertification as a Scientology church for an indefinite period of time, we in RTC would be remiss in our stewardship of the Tech if we left Flag course rooms and auditing rooms setting empty — this as they were under the now declared former management of Flag. We in RTC refuse, per policy, to punish upstat Scientologists because FSO went criminal.

cropped-david-miscavige-freewinds-event.jpgTherefore, effective immediately, and in honor of COB, FSO has been renamed “Dave’s Org.”

Dave’s Org delivers 100% RTC-certified STANDARD TECH using the astonishingly precise Ultra Mark VIII meter. In honor of this monumental event, COB has declared all GAT II arbitraries cancelled! There has never been a better time to rocket up your Bridge than right now this very minute at Dave’s Org, the friendliest place on the planet!



Dave’s Org accepts cash, checks, and credit cards. Please make all monetary instruments payable to David Miscavige S.A. of Panama. No warranties are implied or given. All SP’s found on the premises will be beaten and then bodily ejected into the back alley. No refunds. All disputes are subject to Panamanian law and may only be settled using fisticuffs and baseball bats on a seaworthy vessel sailing a southerly course in international waters. Said vessel shall have a pitiless crew of convicted felons willing to fully assist whichever party brings more cash,  gold, and rum to the fight.

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  1. Praise be to Dave who has cast out the unclean squirrels and apostates – our blessed savior has made the tech whole again! Let the righteous move up in status in testament to their love for our dear leader!!!


  2. Good grief!! Out Tech explains why stats were crashing and declares were up.

    Rebranding is definitely the answer.

    Do we detect the hand of Grant Cardone involved in this new business plan?


  3. Great idea! Name EVERYTHING after Dave! The Church of Miscavige. The Golden Age of Dave. Instead of numbering OT levels, given a letter for each, i.e. OTD, OTDA, OTDAV and, the highest, OTDAVE!


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