My Scientology Super Power Wins!

APPLEWHITEHello my name is Marshall and I wanted to tell you about my wins on Super Power.

I twinned with Grant Cardone and he is really POW! Grant is soooo OT that he is Mr. OT.

I was like, POW! Blown fifty feet out my head. Factually, it is like… space and time. Colors. Smells. It is a Technicolor dream-catcher made of perceptions. I’m more myself than I’ve been in trillions of years. I discovered what it really is all about. I didn’t know what it was all about before but now I do.

How can I even stay in this vehicle, this meat body, I inhabit when I constantly feel as if I am floating and am exterior? Seriously, the room is spinny right now and my feet, my feet are floating off the ground a few inches and I’m laughing. I’m so000 completely blown out of case right now I have no case.

It’s Super Power and thank you COB. Thank you for being on this planet in the vehicle you inhabit. Thank you for being so OT for all of us, for the group.

marshall-applewhite.jpg.1YOU, yes YOU, need to do Super Power right now.

I want you to call Flag and handle whatever you need to handle to get on Super Power and then join Grant Cardone and I as FANTASTIC SUPER POWER COMPLETIONS!!!!

ma.2 I’m taking the vital and necessary next step: I’m increasing my IAS Patron Status.

That’s what a Super Power completion does… He or she… increases their IAS Patron Status.

I’m too, too, too excited to continue with my success story. I have to run around outside, to go, to go, to find the scene of an accident and help. Because I’m the only one who can help.

My Super Succes story? Done. Watch this video now:

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  1. What exactly does one snort on the smell perceptics of the Super-Duper-Power-Rundown?
    We need to get it legalized, so that even wogs can sing POS davie’s praises.


  2. At first, I thought this post was kinda kooky, but there was something about it that forced me to re-read for a closer look… And, yes indeed, I was correct… It is speaking directly to ME, yes ME! It says so in right in the text.

    So, now I’m looking to sell my kidneys in order to move up in Status. I know Status is more important that whatever it is kidneys do. They’re only an unimportant piece of MEST, and what I need is money, not MEST.

    But this seems like the kind of thing pansy sites will ban me for posting…So, does anyone here know anyone in this particular line of work that could possibly help me out? Any help at all would be appreciated, thanks.

    Much Love.


  3. How did David Mythcavige get the super powerz without even doing the rundown?
    I am still trying to figure out why he would not do this great rundown himself. He is the only one deserving it. He should have been the first one. Is it the ethics rundown that stops him? … wrong! He altered that one. No danger far and wide.


  4. Marshall was a real trooper after having to do the Purif several times to remove all the toxins. Come to think of it, it was first time I ever saw cyanide oozing from someone’s pores in the sauna.

    This week after graduation, we’ll be showing one of Marshall’s favorite films – Heaven’s Gate.


  5. Growing up in San Diego, I remember the infamous Marshall Applewhite. I was in college when the whole Heaven’s Gate thing went down. It was a comically creepy time.


  6. I don’t want no tripping over genitals on my $25,000 running in a circle program. Please keep the freaks out until I finish finding out who I was so I can be a better in present time for my eternity.


  7. Help: I haven’t done the Super Power Rundown, and I’m worried that I’m never going to live! But what if I do it, and it doesn’t work?! What should I do?


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