Grant Cardone: Stop Wasting Money on Junk!

We in RTC salute OTVIII Grant Cardone for laying down the smack: “Stop Wasting Money on Junk!” Indeed, one’s personal life and livingness expenses should be minimized in order to increasingly raise one’s IAS status.

Grant and Elena Cardone skipped the purchase of useless MEST in order to donate $2,500,000 to the IAS. In exchange, they received the very highly deluxe and coveted IAS “Nancyboy” trophy:

Grant and Elena Cardone, IAS Patron Meritorious: $2,500,000 USD.

Grant and Elena Cardone, IAS Patron Meritorious: $2,500,000 USD.

And for all of you lurking wogs, SP’s, homo saps, Psychs, 1.1’s, sex perverts, and haters, we in RTC join Grant and Elena in giving you a free OT R Factor:


Go think with this data!

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  1. I agree with Grant don’t buy what he is selling. You really don’t need his sh*t!
    Are they two of the most class-less people on the face of the earth or what?


  2. What a joke of a trophy. What an absolutely meaningless joke of a trophy. This guy spends his money on THAT and has the nerve to tell others–with a straight face–that they’re wasting their money on junk? Pathetic. Disgustingly pathetic. And you know he’s spent well in excess of $2.5 million on that thing. That’s a lowball estimate, bro. Over years and years he’s sunk TENS of millions of dollars into acquiring and possessing that ridiculously gaudy inanimate object. And it’s not even all that good-looking. What a joke. He should be ashamed.

    I do like the Patron Meritorious trophy, though. It is shiny and pretty. Keep that thing safe, Grant.


  3. Absolutely, it’s crystal clear that Elena Cardone wasted no money on her dress and jewelry. I think Joan Rivers should work the red carpet at the next church gala, when Elena and Kirstie and the rest of the frugal ladies are asked “who are they wearing” they should answer “K Mart” or “Walmart” or the left over dresses of a thousand Sea Org ladies who have escaped the prison.


  4. I just listened to Grant´s rant and frankly I find him both charming and intelligent. What he says makes a lot of sense and I´m going to follow his advice as of now! No more spending money on junk!
    Sorry Davey boy!!!

    Looking at the picture of him and his wife it would appear that his wife got a boob job. I myself will abstain from such extravaganza, even though – God knows – I need it!


    • Maybe she paid for the boobs, but no amount of money fixes the attitude or the face. She’s as gaudy ugly as the trophy.


    • Not only does it burn, it blazes like an inferno the size of a large volcano hit by H-bombs dropped from a DC-8 space plane.


  5. What a pair of Dullards. Kool-Aid must be good but I won’t be having what they’re having… thanks.


  6. Wowwy Kazowie!!!! This is the life that the “wasband” wanted to live. He NEVER bought a gift for anyone (including his own kids, (or old me.) But, he totally denies that he has given the cult million$ (and I have proof.)

    It looks that Ms. Elena Cardone is saving $ on eating. Or else she is donating her food to the toilet. But, I agree, there definitely was money spent at the Plastic Surgeons’ office.


  7. They are so low class.
    Speaking of low class, she needs to fire her plastic surgeon…and get a new one.


    • True dat…somehow, each one regularly looks in the mirror, smiles, and winds up with the false cognition – “Cat’s Ass!”


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