Comm Ev of Blake Silber, VP Bridge Publications Inc. — Part 1


Comrade Dr. Frank Wonderman, OSA INT Chief Interrogator and Senior Sec Checker

Comrade Dr. Frank Wonderman convened a Committee of Evidence at 0300 hours this morning against Blake Silber, VP Bridge Publications Inc. Charges against Silber include treason, forwarding enemy lines, spreading entheta, engaging in criminal natter, and case on post.

A partial transcript is supplied here in order to inform Party comrades of the depth and depravity of Silber’s crimes against Chairman Miscavige and the Church.

CDFW: Comrade Silber, do you recognize this video in which you granted an interview to the degraded wog Nazi company Xerox?

BS: Yes.

CDFW: And Comrade Silber do you also now recognize the following statistics you gave to a degraded wog trade journal?

“Bridge Publications …. The Los Angeles-based company has the capacity to bind some 6,000 books every hour, totaling more than 1 million per week. It can manufacture approximately 250,000 transcripts each day, and CDs of the Scientology founder’s lectures at a rate of 1 million each week.”

BS: Yes, those are the production capabilities of Bridge Publications Inc.

CDFW: So then by your own admission, Comrade Silber, Bridge Publications Inc. has, since 2009, been using its customized Xerox printing equipment to  make and sell more than 1,000,000 books per week,  50,000 transcripts each day, 1,000,000 of the Founder’s lectures each week?

BS: No Comrade Dr. Wonderman No! There is a big difference between Bridge’s production capabilities and what Scientology regges can actually sell!

CDFW: Has not Chairman Miscavige given all of us in the Sea Org the honor of being regges Comrade Silber? I am meeting my sales quota each day as are others. There must be some, eh, perhaps some defect in your understanding, quite possibly you went past a word you did not understand on the subject of regging. Nevertheless, given what you told wog media, how do you reconcile Bridge’s production capabilities with your so-called water-cooler comments in which you stated there were only 9,700 active Scientologists on lines at this time?

BS: Well, I, it is what…

HCO: Silence traitor!

CDFW: Comrade Silber,why did you persuade Chairman Miscavige to spend Church monies on such a lavishly expensive printing factory with a staff of 160 Sea Org members working three shifts when you yourself knew that there were not enough Scientologists to purchase the full production capacity?

BS: Actually, Chairman Miscavige ordered…

HCO: Silence traitor!

CDFW: Comrade Silber, is it not true that you yourself persuaded and cajoled Chairman Miscavige to spend Church monies on a lavishly expensive printing factory for the purposes of your own self-aggrandizement so that you could appear to others to be an important and indispensable Vice President of the most ethical group on the planet?

End of Part I

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  1. Blake Silber is a monumental disaster and disgrace to DM and The Church of Scientology and the hundreds of millions of scientologists worldwide! And that´s understating it!


  2. Look closely, for you may find Comrade Silber not only went for self-aggrandizement, but personal enrichment through financial remuneration from Xerox with what wogs term “kickbacks”. It’s hard to conceive why else would Mr. Silber allow precious church assets to be so flagrantly wasted when every man, woman, and child’s eternity is in the balance. His crimes are unpardonable.


  3. With all that excess capacity, why hasn’t COB started producing ant-vaccination vids or Ancient Aliens dvds? There is too much woo-woo that the COB is not harnessing for the good of all mankind. Shame on you Mr. Silber, you have ignored profit. Feringi’s will not be denied.


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