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The Leaning Scientology Ideal Org of The Valley

“Pictures don’t lie,” said Valley Ideal Org Executive Director Ken Delusion. “Our Org is leaning. The entire building slopes towards Burbank Blvd.

“This sloping of the building interfered with yesterday’s meeting of the Emergency Plenary Committee on Excess Carpeting & Floor Space. Water bottles kept falling over. Speakers had to stand at unnatural angles to compensate.

“A wog geological engineering firm we hired was able to determine the ‘Why’ for why the Org is leaning,” Delusion noted. “It seems that the 1,500 trillion metric tons of unsold Basics libraries in the basement has caused a failure in the ground beneath the Org.

“But what can we do?” Delusion lamented. “COB RTC Mr. David Miscavige long ago ordered the Valley to take in and store in our basement all of the unwanted Basics libraries produced by Bridge Publications each day.  This has been going on for ten years now.

“As a consequence, the Valley Org now owes Bridge Publications over $250,000 trillion dollars for these Basics libraries. Worse, the City of Los Angeles is demanding that we fix the problem. We have no money and only a tiny handful of staff. The solution, per the Founder, is to fix it using Scientology. But how can we do this when Scientology caused the problem in the first place? Color me hopeless,” Delusion concluded.




The dumping of valuable RTC copyrighted, RTC trademarked, and RTC licensed products onto Craigslist for $1.00 by bitter defrocked apostates is harming the repute of COB RTC Mr. David Miscavige, RTC, and the Church of Scientology.

An investigation has found the culprits responsible for trying to destroy Scientology!

To blame are the two organizations that have gone criminal by failing to safeguard and protect the materials of Dianetics and Scientology: Bridge Publications International (BPI) and the Church of Scientology International (CSI)

BPI and (CSI) are hereby assigned the ethics condition of CONFUSION. Furthermore, an RTC monetary fine of $1,000,000 each is assessed against BPI and CSI. COB’s Finance Police will be by at 1400 hours this Thursday to collect the $1,000,000 cash fine from BPI and CSI. Each Org is to package $1,000,000 in $100 bills into a suitably sized briefcase for collection.

The crews of BP and CSI are assigned rice and beans for the next twelve weeks. Additionally, BPI and CSI must make up the damage they have done to the group by writing a BATTLE PLAN to obliterate the product dumping of the materials of Dianetics and Scientology on Craigslist.

BPI and CSI are to confront and shatter the SP’s responsible for product dumping and thereby harming the income stream of all of the churches and social betterment groups in the ecclesiastical hierarchy of the Church of Scientology.

Comm Ev of Blake Silber, VP Bridge Publications Inc. — Part 1


Comrade Dr. Frank Wonderman, OSA INT Chief Interrogator and Senior Sec Checker

Comrade Dr. Frank Wonderman convened a Committee of Evidence at 0300 hours this morning against Blake Silber, VP Bridge Publications Inc. Charges against Silber include treason, forwarding enemy lines, spreading entheta, engaging in criminal natter, and case on post.

A partial transcript is supplied here in order to inform Party comrades of the depth and depravity of Silber’s crimes against Chairman Miscavige and the Church.

CDFW: Comrade Silber, do you recognize this video in which you granted an interview to the degraded wog Nazi company Xerox?

BS: Yes.

CDFW: And Comrade Silber do you also now recognize the following statistics you gave to a degraded wog trade journal?

“Bridge Publications …. The Los Angeles-based company has the capacity to bind some 6,000 books every hour, totaling more than 1 million per week. It can manufacture approximately 250,000 transcripts each day, and CDs of the Scientology founder’s lectures at a rate of 1 million each week.”

BS: Yes, those are the production capabilities of Bridge Publications Inc.

CDFW: So then by your own admission, Comrade Silber, Bridge Publications Inc. has, since 2009, been using its customized Xerox printing equipment to  make and sell more than 1,000,000 books per week,  50,000 transcripts each day, 1,000,000 of the Founder’s lectures each week?

BS: No Comrade Dr. Wonderman No! There is a big difference between Bridge’s production capabilities and what Scientology regges can actually sell!

CDFW: Has not Chairman Miscavige given all of us in the Sea Org the honor of being regges Comrade Silber? I am meeting my sales quota each day as are others. There must be some, eh, perhaps some defect in your understanding, quite possibly you went past a word you did not understand on the subject of regging. Nevertheless, given what you told wog media, how do you reconcile Bridge’s production capabilities with your so-called water-cooler comments in which you stated there were only 9,700 active Scientologists on lines at this time?

BS: Well, I, it is what…

HCO: Silence traitor!

CDFW: Comrade Silber,why did you persuade Chairman Miscavige to spend Church monies on such a lavishly expensive printing factory with a staff of 160 Sea Org members working three shifts when you yourself knew that there were not enough Scientologists to purchase the full production capacity?

BS: Actually, Chairman Miscavige ordered…

HCO: Silence traitor!

CDFW: Comrade Silber, is it not true that you yourself persuaded and cajoled Chairman Miscavige to spend Church monies on a lavishly expensive printing factory for the purposes of your own self-aggrandizement so that you could appear to others to be an important and indispensable Vice President of the most ethical group on the planet?

End of Part I

Knowledge Report: Blake Silber, VP Bridge Publications

March 11, 2014

RTC Reports Officer

OSA INT Linda Hamel


Freewinds MAA



HCO Bridge Publications Inc.

MAA Bridge Publications Inc.


Blake Silber, VP, Bridge Publications Inc.

An entheta website today described criminal and defeatist natter spoken by Blake Silber, Vice President, Bridge Publications Inc. Out of his own treasonous mouth, Silber informed unknown disaffected persons — “water cooler comments” they were called — about secret Church data.

Example: Silber informed these disaffected persons that Chairman Miscavige has ordered 60,000 new Ultra Mark VIII e-meters to be built and ordered sold to Scientologists. Some of these will be highly deluxe collectible e-meters priced at $100,000 USD or the equivalent in other wog currencies.


Comrade Silber then exclaimed, “There are like, at best, at most, maybe… uh, maybe like 14,000 Scientologists on active lines worldwide… that’s a liberal figure. A really liberal figure. On frequent lines the new surveys indicate just barely over 9,700 Scientologists on active service lines; that’s worldwide, not just America. We still have over 18,000 Ultra’s sitting in the warehouse and the rest sitting in org bookstores worldwide.”


I myself have wondered if Comrade Silber is not himself, if perhaps he is, shall we say… disaffected? I say this as Comrade Silber’s physical universe actions cause me to wonder why he will not instantly jump to obey Command Intention and act with great urgency to pre-sell all 60,000 new e-meters so as to flow power to Chairman Miscavige. Why is Comrade Silber not presently doing what is needed and wanted by Chairman Miscavige? Why is he instead nattering and engaging in the worst sort of defeatist propaganda?


Whereupon, my dear comrades, it must become evident that Comrade Silber is in a criminal valence: For his defeatist talk implies that there are not enough Scientologists in the entire world to purchase a paltry 60,000 new e-meters. And yet what do we know to be true?  What we know to be true is that Chairman Miscavige has boomed international statistics to their highest ever levels. The surveys my office has conducted have reliably informed Chairman Miscavige that the Church actually needs hundreds of millions of new e-meters!


I myself saw 5,280 Scientologists attend the grand opening of AOLA and ASHO this past weekend. By the simple expedient of selling them each two new e-meters *POW!* 10,560 new e-meters are sold in one day!  But did Comrade Silber make this simple calculation? No! He instead trafficked in defeatist talk and thereby acted to put sabotage on Chairman Miscavige’s lines and bring the Church and all of our social betterment sectors into wide disrepute!


The traitorous Blake Silber must be investigated immediately to ascertain the truth of two matters:


1. His evil purposes against Chairman Miscavige and the Church.


2. The exact day, hour, and minute he was sent in by Psychiatry.


This is true.


Comrade Dr. Frank Wonderman