Captain Miscavige Dined Alone that Night

Captain Miscavige often dons his tuxedo and dines alone at night, this as proven by an actual photo:

We in RTC are aware of a doctored “rogue photo” circulating online that tries to prove that Captain Miscavige once dined with certain bitter defrocked apostates who were thrown out of the Church. This purported photo also includes certain Sea Org members who are presently incarcerated in the Hole doing voluntary religious rehabilitation projects.

This is the infamous and so-called “family photo” that is alleged to be an actual photograph of some sort of Church of Scientology event:

The truth is that, with the exception of COB, all of the people in this infamous “family photo” were low-ranking nobodies in the Church. All of the people were busted from their low-ranking posts when their crimes against COB were discovered. None of these swampers would have ever have been allowed to dine with the Pope of the Scientology religion ©.

We in the Church of Scientology are the experts on doctored photos. Therefore, we can authoritatively state that this photo is clearly doctored. We say this because the alleged event at which this photo was supposedly taken never occured.

The only Truth is what we in RTC say is Truth as proven by what our “Ecclesiastical Detectives” discover when the spy on and stalk Captain Miscavige’s enemies:

J. Swift photo taken in 2008 at a protest.

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  1. Offcourse its fake as i have not seen it in any official publications ( all originals have been shredded) . Plus our leader would not be seen dead with these pie face droogs and anti- scientologists.

    Anyone who believes otherwise is an idiot who will believe anything they see on the internet.

    This was plainly photoshopped by anonymous, through psych funding though i must admit they are getting better at there photo shop. As to the unconditioned eye this almost looks real, but of course it could not be. as to say such would be to question the integrity and judgement of our leader and organisation.

    Thank you COB i flow admiration to you for clearing this scientology myth up, and for taking responsibility personally for getting ethics in on the internet through this blog of yours.


  2. Of course the pics are shooped….take a look at Captain Miscaviage…only a shoop could make a big being like the Captain look so small. This proves beyond a shadow of a doubt the pic is not only a shoop, it’s a JD shoop.

    Things will go so much better when the POS is made Planetary Emperor.


  3. At the very least they could have had COB sit on a half dozen telephone books. Somebody did not do their #$%&¥¶ job. He’s right, they all SCOHB.


  4. Of course DM is the ONLY ONE and noone is deemed fit to dine with him – not even his wife, who also betrayed him. I feel rather sorry for him, because he looks more like the LONELY ONE with noone in the entire Scientology fiels he can trust. It must be quite a burden to carry all alone.


    • DM’s alleged wife is just as nonexistent as LRH’s second wife. I’m not even sure Ron’s first and last wives ever existed.


  5. David is SOOOOO Frank Sinatra in this photo! I notice there is only one female. So wrong of him to nurse off the X wives with Anderson Cooper.


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