Captain David Miscavige Cancels Sea Org Reunion

“Captain David Miscavige cancelled the Sea Org Reunion that was planned for next week’s grand opening of the Ideal Pacifica Sea Org base and the new Hollywood Test Center,” announced Church spokesman Ken Delusion.

“The sixteen year old Sea Org member who planned the event has been RPF’d for high crimes against COB,” Delusion remarked. “We in the Sea Org have no reunions, no history, and no traditions.  We do not go in for maudlin wog sentimentalities such as reunions.”

“The past has been erased and our only mission is to forward Command Intention in present time, right now, today.”

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  1. Nice OTVIIIisGrrr8! As usual there is truth behind sarcasm.
    Coincidently DM sits nearly in the middle. The candles were moved to the right. You would not see DM if he was sitting right in the middle.
    And Shelly was ducking her head below the table for the picture. She was on a dog leash and kneeling … cleaning the Master’s shoes with her worthless tongue. It were her overts to deserve such a fate.
    But DM is not a bad guy, he just helps her to be the degraded being she is. Very thoughtful indeed. Sometimes he threw some caviar on the ground. He really cared for her 24/7. These days she even has her own farm in Timbuktu. The most ethical guards of the entire world (outside of the cult) make sure she is feeling well.


  2. We should all put our faith in niblet’s hands. He knows what’s best for us. From education to aborted babies he has it covered. Who needs health care when you have niacin and bee pollen? What an important leader, said no one ever, but Tom Cruise.


  3. I am a never in, but this is really clever. A picture is truly worth a thousand words! Also the more things change, the more they stay the same. This is how Stalin would “erase” his most loyal followers. The key word is paranoia, and the more it grows in a man, the more bodies will be thrown under the bus!


  4. That’s amazing!!! Captain David Miscavige used his Super COB powers to make the faces of those treacherous SPs surrounding him completely disappear!!!!!! Is there anything our Glorious Leader can’t do?!!!!!


  5. Is this photo one of the exhibits prepared by the church’s lawyers in Monique Rathbun’s case to show that Miscavige has never run or managed the Church of Scientology?


  6. LRH said ” there is a basic rule that a psychotic person is concerned with past.. and a sane person is concerned with the future” And that ” if you act in the past, you won’t last”

    What was that treacherous kid thinking, how the heck does a woggy group reunion work to forward command intention this is akin to joking and degrading. I think this kid is a 1.1 who ought to be what his really saying is his not happy with the events DM sets up and thinks he could do a better job then our COB.

    RPF that little sentimental bitch with all his misemotion, should just carry out his religious duty of forced slavery. does he does not get that he is a cog wheel, he is not COB So who is he to be originating ideas.


    • Bird88 really gets it. He understands the 1.1ness of the crim SO punk who thought he could do a better job than COB.

      COB is presently purging all 1.1 DB’s from the Church and so this crim has been shipped off to Ideal Org Gas Station #1115 in Siberia.

      COB postulated that this crim will get to have his precious “Reunion” with some Russians on the open road:


  7. A tone 40 thank you for the Ack sir , it was such a pleasant suprise, it nearly spun me out, to receive a personal response from the man who is following in the footsteps of LRH and took on the sole burden of turning this planet ideal. The pleasure of receiving a response
    from a being as big as you instantly made existence seem brighter., To know that a regular homo sap is capable of having cognitons in that are of a comparable magniture od reality with a being as big as yours.

    Such a relief it is to hear that he is to be made an example of and handled . I hope this is done in a ruthless fassion, as just the idea of a reunion really enturbulated me and i’m sure others here on lines were troubled by it. One can only hope that this merchant of confusion has not comprised others. Suppressive influences and rambunxious upstarters have no place in this organisation!

    “The whole agonised future of this planet, every man, woman and child on it, and your own destiny for the next endless trillion of years depends on what you do here and now in scientology. This(scientology) is a deadly serious activity!!!! LRH”

    Nowhere and i repeat nowhere did LRH write about reunions, reunions are outpolicy. reunions are squirrel, and we all know what we do to squirrels/.
    So If you ever need me to work as a black agent against this person or take part in any of your fair game/gangstalking activities against this punk i assure you have my complete and utter devotion.


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