Office of Special Affairs Targets Orange County, California

Capt.MiscavigeActing upon secret orders from Captain David Miscavige, shock squads from the Church of Scientology’s Office of Special Affairs moved quickly under the cover of darkness.

OSA agents fanned out across South Orange County to pass out fliers on  a former Sea Org officer who once worked at the highest levels of the Church alongside Captain Miscavige.

For reasons best left unexplained and private, this officer then became a rogue who then joined other rogues. These former Sea Org members claimed to the yapping Wog media that Captain Miscavige hit, kicked, punched, choked, slapped, and otherwise assaulted Sea Org members.

This tiny handful of rogues claim that Captain Miscavige is a violent lunatic, the wholetrack prison warden behind a decades-long rampage of violence inside the Church of Scientology.

DM116And yet, if any of this were true, Captain Miscavige would surely need to be locked up in an asylum for  the criminally insane.

But this has not happened. Captain Miscavige has never been locked up — nor has he ever had a traffic ticket.

Rather, the facts about Captain Miscavige tell the tale of a man who has singlehandedly lowered the global crime rate, ended the scourge of drug abuse, and brought the gift literacy to billions.

DM.AOSH.EUWhereupon it becomes evident that Captain Miscavige has an alibi on this caper. Indeed, as the criminal SP Black Rob posted on Hater Central aka ESMB, the good Captain was in Copenhagen opening AOSH EU.

Left: Captain Miscavige in Copenhagen speaking to millions of Scientologists on the Church’s plans to conquer Europe,  destroy Psychiatry, and then make Scientology the official religion of a revived Holy Roman Empire over which Captain Miscavige will rule for seven years.


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  1. I’m outraged that an SP would dare to claim that a great humanitarian like Captain Miscavige would punch anyone! It make me want to punch that liar’s lights out!!!

    COB never punches anyone. He delivers Ecclesiastical Ethics Actions to degraded beings who fully deserve what they get. His stats in that area have been straight up and vertical since that SP Texas judge threatened to depose His Eminence!!!


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