Church of Scientology Attorney Rick Moxon and his Wife Save Washington DC from Destruction by Space Aliens

Scientologist Tom Cruise is better than you. When Tom Cruise drives by the scene of an accident he knows that is the only one who can help. What did you do? You drove right on past the accident because you’re a wog and don’t care.

The Way to Happiness is better than you. TWTH reduced drug crime in Ireland by 85%. What did you do? You read Scientology hate websites in order to feel better about yourself.

And now another triumph: Scientology attorney Rick “Ken” Moxon and his wife Carla saved Washington DC from destruction by going exterior and turning a space alien missile away from the Earth:

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  1. What a team! Not only do they clear the planet but they save the world, well DC. No way are they posers. Such big beings, side by side with Tom Cruise. Hero’s all. 😉


  2. Something you see in the sky at night is something that happened a long time ago. Light takes a huge amount of time to travel through space.


  3. How typical. Two brave and dedicated Scientologists risk their eternity to save our prison planet from destruction by evil space aliens and how do the religious bigots in the American government respond? No Congressional Medals of Freedom awarded, no triumphal ticker-tape parades in New York, just more mocking and hate-filled websites appearing on the Internet!. I can well understand why so many Scientologists are leaving the Church in droves when they realize that the vast majority of the beings on this planet are degraded and suppressive and just don’t want to be saved!

    It used to be that when you proudly said you were a Scientologist you gained instant respect, but now people just snigger.



    • Truer words were never spoken Andrew.

      Yes, we in the Church of Scientology are, each and every day, singlehandedly saving every man, woman, and child on this planet from Psychiatry Butchery and what thanks do we get?

      Nada, zilch, zip!

      We might as well not get up in the morning except… except for the fact that Planetary Clearing never takes a holiday!


    • Well stated Andrew – this was my initial reaction as well. Why do we hear of this first on a hater blog instead of 60 minutes?

      Ken and Carla should be sitting in the balcony during the State of the Union speech next week. Brent Obama should point to them as he tells the world how Scientologists avoid strapping suicide bombs to their chests to be detonated in areas filled with large numbers of innocent people.

      No, no, no. Instead the Moxons (and all Scientologists) aim higher. Their religious wrath is directed at small beings with high pitched voices, no doubt members of the Marcabian Confederacy, whose invading ships as well as the souls aboard are toasted and turned into galactic space dust.

      There is of course an unspoken take away. If you want to avoid being turned into galactic space dust, it would be good give Scientologists the OT respect they deserve.

      Let’s just close by saying one does not want to piss these people off. Yuck it up all you dare with all of your hate filled hating hate. It’s going to be funny right up to the point in time that Ric and Carla take notice and decide to take a tour of your brain ala “Fantastic Voyage”. It will then be buh-bye hater.


      • Scientology-hating wogs would do well to heed Captain whostolemycog’s dire warning, for it is quite true that an inky black and dire fate awaits those who dare to attack Mankind’s only hope of salvation.


  4. I feel so guilty….on that very night, I was probably reading your blog. I hereby vow to never do so again while the world is under attack by short “people” who march on space ships above Washington DC.


  5. Some may say, “Hey! Why don’t you use your OT abilities to do something helpful in the world; something useful and tangible?” To that I say, “Hey! When’s the last time this planet has seen a space alien attack?” That usually shuts them up.

    Thank you, Rick and Carla Moxon! Thank you for showing us how to take full-responsibility as a team, and the value of looking up at the stars. You are truly a friend to Ron …even though LRH said that, “Earth would be much better off lying in chunks in an orbit around the sun.” Well… thanks anyway. 😉


  6. Oh come on guys this is so obviously an exercise in storytelling and nothing she really believed to have experienced. I am no fan of $cientology, but this is just unfair. This kind of improvisational speech exercise encourages confidence in one’s ability to describe a sequence of events and is used in many trainings. Nothing more and nothing less.


    • Torres, your verbal data is nothing more than criminal squirreling. We say this because Joking and Degrading are off source. So no, Carla Moxon was not “improvising” as she is never off source nor is her husband OSA Legal attorney Kendrick Moxon.


    • Torres, your denigration of the achievements of two Scientology OTs is shocking and despicable.

      Even if, as you claim, these events didn’t actually occur in the MEST (physical) universe, the fact that an OT verbalized such a postulate makes it very real in the Theta universe. As any Scientologists knows, the Theta universe is senior to the physical universe, therefore these events are actually more real than if they merely happened in the physical universe.

      No doubt you would also consider that the scientific discoveries codified by L Ron Hubbard in his Science-Future handbooks (often incorrectly categorised as Science Fiction novels) are also just ‘an exercise in storytelling’?

      I have written a full report on you and submitted it to RTC. If you recant and publish a full apology along with an amends project, I will consider retracting my report.


      • Axiom142 keeps the Tech fully in and so he has correctly stated the matter. Such things as flying saucers attacking Washington DC happen all the time in the Theta universe.

        These hostile alien terrorist attacks do not manifest in the MEST universe only because Scientologists prevented them from occurring by destroying them in the Theta universe.

        Why just yesterday, COB fended off a large pack of rabid Marcabs who were preparing to annihilate Minnesota in order to steal all of the water there so as to fill the tanks on their ships.

        *POW!* COB nuked them and sent them reeling trillions of light years away to the planet Farsec!

        Lights Out Psychs!


  7. Correct me if I’m wrong OTVIII, but am I picking up a little HINT OF DERISION in some of the responses here? Carla and Rick Moxen singlehandedly save Washington DC from marauding space aliens. What an incredible accomplishment! But rather than celebrating it, what do the wogs posting here want to do? They want to try to turn this unparalleled heroic action into a filthy demented mockery. Shame on you stupid wog bastards. Shame!

    Perhaps I shouldn’t say this OTVIII but I happen to know that the Moxen’s story is true. How do I know this? Because I was THERE, that’s how. Yeah, that’s right! I WAS THERE! I just happened to be riding by on my unicorn and I saw the whole thing.


  8. I am very happy to know that Carla and Rick are safeguarding Earth from attack by Space Aliens.

    Their powers of perception are clearly much greater than ordinary humans as this event wasn’t even noticed, let alone validated by the incompetent wogs who supposedly ‘defend’ our planet. I hope to provide a similar service myself once I manage to raise the $500K to make it to OTVIII. Money well spent, I think.

    It has been proven time and time again that only Scientology OTs can stop asteroids from colliding with our world, prevent WW III, divert hurricanes and find parking spaces when they are late for that crucial business meeting.

    Thank you Mr Grrr8, for bringing such wonderful wins to our attention and helping to remove entheta from the fringes of the internet. I can see a new class of Freedom Medal being created just for you!


    • Planets don’t clear themselves.

      No, it takes money and dedicated upstat IAS members to do it. Axiom142 understands this and is willing to go all in for $500,000 to be up here on the glorious level of OTVIII where we are big beings who are Cause over MEST.

      We are up to the challenges of fighting and destroying the Psychs. KSW is fully in with us. We are up to the deadly serious task of Planetary Clearing.

      Welcome aboard Axiom142. Grab a bunk and get yourself sec checked. Then we need you to man a laser cannon and get busy helping Ken and Carla destroy space aliens!


  9. Johnny L.,
    Thank you for your comment, your service to planet Earth, LRH, COB, CofS and many more three letter acronyms. Ok, I’m buttering you up because I want to know where I can get a unicorn too …preferably with blond hair and and rainbow stripes. 😉


  10. All hail Prince Xenu. Thank you for your response. So you want to know where you can get a unicorn too. Well here’s how. You keep talking about having one, and you keep talking about it, and talking about it some more. Then you sort of imagine yourself having one and “CLICK” just like that, you have one, blond hair, rainbow stripes and all. See how easy that was!

    You know, I can sense the love and respect in your question but a lot of people think I’m just a solipsistic nut bar.


  11. Thanks Johnny L.!
    I’m now sitting in my back yard stroking my Easy Bake Oven like it was a cat (I can’t afford the Mark VIII Ultra E-Meter), and reciting my wishes as you instructed. My cognition is: If I keep doing this, I will exteriorize into an alien spaceship, and I can ask them to get me a unicorn. It’s all very clear now. 🙂


    • Garry, don’t worry, the Tech can fix even that. Do Super-Duper Power now, and your sense of smell will be recovered. (BTW, watch out what you postulate.)


  12. Update:
    After using standard tech, I was also able to exteriorize to the mothership.
    There, I saw wondrous small space aliens (very similar in appearance to COB), riding unicorns. I got into comm with the aliens tele-pathetically, and found out about their plans to blow up all the Walmarts in the world simultaneously. This was all about to happen soon, so I had to come up with a plan. I recalled LRH talking about ARC and mocking-up your postulates, so I used these principles to transform all of the aliens’ space unicorns from plain white to a more delightfully, psychedelic rainbow pattern. They were so thrilled with this – along with the “magic mushrooms” I shared with them, that they called off the Walmart attacks. Now that’s OT!!!


    • Johnny L,
      I assure you that the experiences LRH, the Moxon’s and myself had have absolutely nothing to do with mind-altering drugs, and everything to do with mind-altering standard tech. 😉


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