Ocean FM Ireland Reenactment a Screaming Success

The Ocean FM interview with a Church of Scientology member about the tremendous success of the Truth of Drugs campaign is receiving great praise and acclaim globally.


Indeed, so great is the acclaim that COB RTC David Miscavige specifically mentioned the Ocean FM interview to tens of thousands of Scientology parishioners during the recent New Year’s Eve event at Flag Land Base.

But then what happened next was shocking. Pete Griffiths, a known enemy of the Church of Scientology, contacted Ocean FM and learned that the interview never actually happened. Well of course it never happened. It was a reenactment of an interview that took place in a non-Ocean FM studio in North Donegal.

Scientology DSA Sabrina Shortt of Donegal went on the air with Ocean FM to explain why this interview was a reenactment and not an outright lie:

We in RTC regret any enturbulation caused by our reenactment of an event that never actually happened.

Next month Flag will stage a reenactment of COB RTC David Miscavige receiving the Nobel Peace Prize for GAT II and Super Power.

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  1. What is being lost in all of this “reenactment” distraction is that the Church of Scientology under the brilliant leadership of COB has singlehandedly handled the widespread drug and alcoholism problem in Ireland. Heroin use is down 99.9% after the church’s recent Half-Truth in Drugs campaign. Additionally the entire population poured all their whiskey into the sea and has pledged to never again produce the demon drink!

    An RTC investigation has uncovered that Pete Griffiths is a psych operative who was paid billions of dollars to defame the church and COB RTC. Scientologists are advised to stay vigilant and ignore his poisonous lies lest they lose their eternity!


    • So true, so true scientology411.

      Instead of being praised for our Herculean accomplishments in decreasing the crime rate globally, we in the Church are lambasted for staging a small reenactment in Ireland, a place famous only for its overly aggressive SP’s.


  2. Ooohh, the entheta!!! What’s next? Please don’t tell me that $cientology really was not the lead in closing down the last three private psychiatric hospitals in Israel. (From what I’ve read about these “private hospitals” they should have been brought down long ago.)


  3. Re-enactment, right. I hope that anyone who is regged for one of Miscavige’s personal retirement investments (for his retirement only, otherwise known as Ideal Orgs) states “Here are 1000 pieces of paper that are re-enactments of US dollars.”


    • Well no, actually, to “reenact money” would be to counterfeit the real thing. It would be such a lie and a crime to do that to the Church.

      All the Church of Scientology did in Ireland was to reenact an interview that would have otherwise never taken place due to the massive suppression in Ireland.

      The Church’s dramatic reenactment — call it a religious morality play from a bygone era — harmed no one and, in fact, actually helped millions of Irish people to get off drugs and stop drinking. This alone stopped the crime wave in Ireland.

      No need to thank us; we were just doing our job as a religion.


  4. That piss pop tibdilly ratfart radio man kept interrupting Reverend Shortt from her duty as a $cientologist from spreading the truth. She has every right to ramble on about the what ever she was instructed to say. Her only fault was that she forgot that there is no breathing in $cientology. She needs to take a lesson from CSI attorney Cedillo as he emulates the perfect being that is COB RTC (not that they’ve ever met). That damn radio guy!!!


    • No kidding! That wog radio announcer — or “presenter” as they so pretentiously call themselves over there — treated our Reverend Shortt as if she were some sort of liar. We in RTC are outraged and will be suing Ireland.


  5. The disinformation continues all day/all night on Ocean FM:

    “The Dublin office of the CoS has a tiny presence, is massively in debt, and has nowhere near the number of volunteers portrayed in the video” .

    Oh really? Then riddle me this Batman…How were they able to reduce drug crime by 86%?

    Besides, the founder established early on that using reenactments of events that didn’t actually happen to be an acceptable “truth” in the furtherance of clearing the planet.

    Consider his Nuclear Physicist credentials…military record…trips to the Van Allen belt…and all of those H-bombs exploding into volcanoes that didn’t even exist at the time of the explosions…

    I could go on, but just wanted to demonstrate that reenactments are a convenient literary device utilized by 99.9% of all megalomaniac science fiction writers who invent a religion as a way to enhance personal wealth.


  6. So the interview was a re-enactment. So what! Are downstat wogs so stupid that they actually think everything they see or hear is REAL? Do they think that Tom Cruise actually learned to fly a fighter jet in “Top Gun”? Of course not! Do they think John Travolta really killed that guy in “Pulp Fiction”? No! That is not lying! That’s art and people pay good money for art. What would world be without artists like Michelangelo, Henri Matisse or Picasso? If people are going to be forbidden to use their imagination can you imagine how dull and dreary this world would be? We might as well do away with inventors and visionaries like Thomas Edison. Without creativity we might as well outlaw Hollywood and thought provoking films like “After Earth” and “Battlefield Earth.” How dull would life be then? So grow up wogs!


  7. I happen to like reenactments of things that never happened. So does all of America. How else do you explain ‘The Search for Bigfoot’ and ‘Ancient Aliens’ on the so called History Channel? All hail the wit and wisdom of COB, he is just channeling the zeitgeist of the times. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

    Don’t get me started on ‘Honey Boo-boo’, that show makes me doubt Darwin.


  8. Whenever I´m having the blues or feel overwhelmed with fear of losing my eternity because of all the suppression the church is subjected to, I just visit your site and immediately I start laughing and laughing and laughing. In fact I can´t stop laughing because of your eternal optimism. And immediately all my pessimism leaves me. I just KNOW that COB is our saviour, who has now finally straightened out all the mess LRH left behind and that my eternity will be there for me because of this. And what shows his true greatness is the fact that he accomplished all this in spite of the fact that he was surrounded by so many SP`s and CICS SCOHB it is unbelievable. Recently 25 SP´s within the church were detected in SA and immediately declared, bringing nothing but relief to SA. COB is truly the greatest ecclesiastical leader of the most expanding church on the planet and if anyone ever deserved the Nobel Peace Prize it´s gotta be him.
    Bless his heart!


  9. I would like to make it very clear, that the interview actually DID happen. It happened in the universe of our beloved leader, Mr. David Miscavige. The video was a re-enactment of his vision. Unfortunately, this could not be communicated to the Wog media in that form – they are simply not able to grasp such simple truths. Given all COB has done, I would like to encourage every Scientologist to continue supporting Mr. David Miscavige in his creation of a Miscavige-Universe, thus assisting him in leaving this universe altogether and reaching his native state. He deserves it so much!


  10. Cast of Monty Python version of the “Life of Scientology”
    PONTIUS PILATE: played by David Miscavige
    CENTURIONS: The Church of Scientology International executives
    BIGGUS DICKUS: Tom Cruise 🙂


  11. This is almost like in the Monique Rathbun court case where Scientology claimed that the “lies” the Rathbun’s were spreading were confidential information…


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