Scientology Shocker: COB’s Personal Communicator Conspired with Katie Holmes to Attack COB RTC David Miscavige


freedommagWith a legal case against COB now powering up in Texas, how convenient is it that a bitter defrocked apostate “suddenly” produces a seeming treasure trove of incriminating text messages purportedly written by COB RTC David Miscavige?

This Freedom Magazine Special Report is being broadly disseminated in order to make all Scientology parishioners aware of the hidden and diabolical Psych campaign directed against COB RTC David Miscavige.

As legal evidence in the form of shocking text messages makes clear, COB RTC David Miscavige’s personal communicator Laurisse Henley-Smith Stuckenbrock aka “Lou” is the hidden SP on COB’s lines.

freedom-magazine-the-posse-of-lunaticsLou is the “who” behind the Tsunami of Psych attacks on COB that have raged unchecked for years — even after Mr. Miscavige purged the Kingpin and his posse of lunatics.

What the evidence will show — and what COB’s attorneys will argue in court — is that Stuckenbrock is an old Guardian’s Office rogue who used her position of trust to hijack COB’s blackberry unit.

Having covertly seized COB’s unit,  Stuckenbrock then conducted a nefarious “texting campaign of terror” in order to make it appear that COB ran the daily operations of the Church.

Stuckenbrock’s accomplice, it has been learned, was a former and obscure Church member named Katie Holmes — a woman who only pretended to be a Scientologist.


L1Left: As this OSA Intel photo makes clear, Stuckenbrock and Holmes were secretly working together as early as 2006.

Holmes is seen in the photo covertly reporting to Psych Central while Stuckenbrock works to ensure that COB and his guest remain distracted.

This is a classic con job that uses distraction and race cars.

Holmes and Stuckenbrock were ordered by their masters at Psych Central to secretly undermine and sabotage Mr. Miscavige’s efforts in an attempt to prevent the Basics, the Ideal Orgs, GAT II, and other vitally needed planetary-changing programs  from going forward.

L2The real “smoking gun” evidence, however, comes in  another OSA photo where we see COB’s attention on the motorsport event. This is where the criminal Stuckenbrock makes her move.

Right: Stuckenbrock reaches into COB’s pocket to perform a deft “snatch and grab” of COB’s blackberry.



blackberry-bold-980x1452Having procured COB’s blackberry, Stuckenbrock then used it to conduct a criminal operation without COB’s knowledge. This “Crim Op” was designed from the very start to make it appear that COB RTC David Miscavige runs the daily affairs of the Church. This is not true.

We in RTC want Scientology parishioners to know and understand that this campaign against COB has been discovered and is now being broadly exposed as another Psych-funded attack.

Whatever you may read about this campaign in the days and weeks ahead in the wog media will all be a series of lies, distortions, and smears directed against the heroic Mr. David Miscavige and the Church of Scientology.

Factually, Church parishioners and loyal IAS members can only rely upon what is published on the pages of this blog if they want TRUTH. Please donate as much as possible to the IAS right now in order to fight this attack against TRUTH.

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  1. COB made the same sorry mistake as Sampson, a person of similar physique who foolishly trusted a woman. But like Sampson, he will destroy the temples of Psych Central and their suppressive campaign will be crushed!



  2. It is evident from those photos that Lou copied Tom Cruise’s haircut to curry favor with COB as he is well known to enjoy running his fingers through Tom’s moppish top. A big thank you to those at Freedom magazine that worked tirelessly to expose these brazen hussies. To think that they almost brought down the greatest religious leader this world has ever seen truly chills my blood.

    I shall be writing a huge check to the IAS (Platinum Morontorias here I come!) as this is truly COB’s darkest hour. He desperately needs our funds and intention to overcome this dire threat to the only religion which offers true salvation (well, other than Rastafarianism).


  3. The outpouring of support for COB is thus far tremendous — but we need more.

    Please post more comments to show OSA how vitally important this subject of COB and his 2D Lou truly is to Scientology parishioners!


  4. In the last 48 hours, RTC received an alarming number of reports concerning some difficulties regarding new “Theta Bugatti” MK Ultra E-Meters. RTC found the Why – Blackberry phones! Their wavelength is too crude and suppressive. Don’t be PTS and turn your Blackberry’s to your friendly Ethics Officer. Also, donate your iPhone’s and Galaxy’s to IAS. Support COB! You have 24 hours. Report with compliance. Much Love.


  5. This is the biggest betrayal in Scientology since Mary Sue (she isn’t worthy of the blessed name Hubbard) humiliated her husband by getting caught stealing copy paper from the US government. The Lou person deserves extreme RPF for her heinous crimes.


  6. Where’s Shelly? COB’s legal wife and true 2D? Why would COB allow another woman to touch him in such an intimate way?


  7. Nice catch, Mrs Libnish! A major out point.
    The only explanation is a Voodoo Curse coming from the S. African SP’s which cause Our Great POS to recognize Lou as Shelly, and ban Shelly because He recognized Lou as an SP. (He has Lou and Shelly mixed up.)
    Those S. African SP’s are indeed devious. (We need to donate more for a better connection of the tin foil hat to the copper grounding rods.)


  8. “This is a classic con job that uses distraction and race cars”

    Indeed! You nailed it, OTVIIIisGrrr8! As common a grifter’s operation as the Spanish Prisoner or the Bait and Switch!

    That crafty lass, Stuckenbrock! Oh why, oh why, is our beloved COB always being betrayed?


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