Captain David Miscavige Targets SINO’s!


The mere sound of this filthy word brings a sneer to Captain Miscavige’s face.

Scientologists In Name Only disgust me,” Captain Miscavige said. “These people pay lip service to the Church of Scientology even as they secretly read hate websites and blogs that personally attack and Black PR me!”


“I’m R factoring every Scientologist on this, so all hands better get it through their thick heads: The days of being a SINO are over!” Captain Miscavige thundered from atop his steed, this while reviewing the assembled inmates in the RPF.

“From now on, you’re either in or out!”

“In or out I say!”

“No more fence-sitting, no more under the radar, no more excuses!”

“SINO’s will become SP’s in very short order!,” Captain Miscavige ominously warned.

We in RTC are hereby warning all SINO’s to get onboard for the duration of the universe or face an SP Declare! The only acceptable evidence and proof that you are not a SINO is to increase your IAS Patron status immediately!

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  1. Hear hear! And the most despicable SINO’s are those pansy downstats calling themselves “Scientologists” who are not actively advancing their IAS and Ideal Org statuses.

    Captain Miscavige has selflessly dedicated himself to a life of abject poverty in service to us all and the least these SINO’s could do is flow money to buy him the occasional pair of $5000 Italian shoes or bottle of 80 year old scotch. Is that too much to ask for your leader of leaders you selfish pricks?

    Besides you’re no Scientologist if you haven’t filed bankruptcy at least twice.


  2. Iread read Dianetics, so that makes me a Scientologist. I am, however, SINO because I have, on occasion, expressed skepticism over the beliefs of Mr. Miscavige.


  3. And about time Mr Miscavige,i to am sick of these whining weekend scientologists all i hear lately is “Where’s Shelley?”,”Why is my ideal org empty?” and”I cant give any more my credit cards are maxed out and I’m on my second mortage”
    A good way to weed these people out is to call all scientologist into their local orgs and make them watch BattleField Earth.Anyone who lapses into a coma or tries to scratch their eyes out should be handed a free loaders debt an SP declare and shown the door.
    Lead,follow or get out of the way its that simple.


    • Well said 4chanpartyvan!

      We in RTC are sick to death of these theety wheety weekend Scientologists who natter and whine — and that is why they will all be purged by January 1.

      The purges began in South Africa and will continue through the rest of the year.


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