Craigslist Vs. the Church of Scientology

AnonymousAnonymous is not happy unless it is terrorizing the boulevards and thoroughfares of the planet by spreading it’s campaign of lies and disinformation about the Church of Scientology.

As usual, we in the Church of Scientology were quietly minding our own business when the Scientology-hating psycho-anarchy terrorist group Anonymous suddenly pounced and attacked without warning.

We are of course referring to the fact that we in the Church of Scientology have been placing ads on Craigslist that offer help and hope: Something can be done about it!

CL.Ad.1Because it is a suppressive group that hates all social betterment activities, Anonymous decided to poke it’s big fat stupid nose into official Church of Scientology business. Anonymous did so by:

A) Flagging Scientology ads

B) Posting Joking & Degrading parody ads, an example of which is below. We in RTC have censored the ad to protect the public at large from death.


Warning to Anonymous: You attack the Church of Scientology at your own peril! If you do not stand down on Craigslist we will send OT VIII George Baillie to handle you:

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  1. My favorite part of this post: how the Scientology ad claims that they’re in Willow Glen off Lincoln Ave. It’s true that the address on Pedro St. is off Lincoln Avenue. There’s one small problem: it’s north of Los Gatos Creek by one block. And the creek is the border of Willow Glen. Willow Glen is a neighborhood in San Jose marked by super-cool retail and by architecturally distinguished Craftsman bungalows from the 1920s and 1930s. It’s like the fashionable parts of Pasadena. The surrounding area, as little as a block away from what is officially designated as Willow Glen, the 95125 zip code, might as well be South Central LA.

    So if someone from San Jose is interested enough to come to the location given, they will quickly realize that they have been _had_ and the cult is lying to them. And they will jump back into their car and peel out of the parking lot and head two blocks into the heart of the real Willow Glen to sit at one of the convenient Starbucks locations on Lincoln Avenue and contemplate the tawdry fate that they narrowly escaped from. It’s the Bay Area. Joining a cult isn’t so bad. But joining a cult that lies by claiming a Willow Glen location when they’re on the wrong side of the creek… that will simply never do.


  2. How to rid your wallet of excess bills:

    1. Join a cult;

    2. Ignore entheta;

    3. Credit the Cult leader for anything good that happens;

    4. Blame yourself for anything bad that happens;

    5. Keep moving up the bridge.


  3. Are you interested in Clearing the Planet? Willing to work for 50 cents an hour? Call us at 1-800-BRAINWASH and join the Sea Org.

    Are you bothered by Body Thetans? Do the presence of Thetans keep you up at night? Join the Cult! For just $300,000 we can rid your body and mind of these annoying creatures. Call us at 1-800-THE-SCAM and start today.


  4. Help Tom Cruise find another wife! Join Scientology today!

    Tired of working in an office? Join the Sea Org–spend your day scrubbing floors!

    Hate psychiatry? So do we! Join an organization that wants nothing to do with peer review, scientific documentation or licenses. We were founded by a pulp fiction writer with 1-1/2 years of college–no science or sophistication involved.


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