The Shrinking Cult of Scientology? We in RTC Think Not!

Former Church member Tiziano Lugli has just released a video on Tony’s Ortega’s blog. We in RTC deny the premise of this video that the Church of Scientology is an unhappy, controlling, dark, and authoritarian prison from which one must escape.

This is not true.

Everyone in the Church of Scientology is happy, or, they are in the process of becoming happy as they give up their crimes, overts, and withholds in sec checks and continually donate more money to move up to their next IAS Patron status.

We in RTC further object to Mr. Lugli’s video calling the Church a “Cult” and to the spelling “$cientology” as if all we are about is money.

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  1. This silly video is all about the growing (as in straight up and VERTICAL) number of entheta filled apostates unable to keep the necessary 24/7 KSW reality personified by COB as an example for all REAL Scientologists.

    COB is not interested in namby pamby, fair weather, maybe I want to be a Scientologist, but I don’t want to pay the freight types…oh no.

    COB wants a real commitment in this life and those to follow.

    That means the automatic withdrawals follow you into the next life…correct.

    Any more questions!!??


    • Captain Whostolemycog, you once again correctly spot and describe the out points and the SPness of online entheta.

      You are right on: “COB is not interested in namby pamby, fair weather, maybe I want to be a Scientologist, but I don’t want to pay the freight types…oh no.”

      Oh no indeed!

      As COB says, we are at a crucial “make or break point” in Planetary Clearing.

      We either Clear the Planet now, or, we get “Bent and Sent” as they say in Australia.


  2. One more thing since there is no edit here…

    $cientology all about money…what!!…where did that come from?…as if “A Complete Bridge to Total Freedom” could have a price worthy of fair exchange for less than mid to high six figures…as if!!

    I don’t personally know Mr. Lugli, but he needs to stop communicating in “Fooleese”…like if he had a Bridge to Total Freedom he’d produce a youtube video series and just give it away for free I suppose in an uneven exchange that would lessen it’s value to that of the exchange…zero!!…now that’s “Fooleese”..


    • The very idea of giving anything away for free is utterly repulsive the Scientology Mind.

      The wog notion of “Charity” violently enturbulates those of who remain in the Church of Scientology.

      In our estimation, Mr. Lugli should be charging people $184,863 per intensive to watch his video. This would be in exchange while also having the salutary effect of discouraging Scientology parishioners from watching his video as their funds are already spoken for by the IAS.

      And this is actually what chronically enturbulates we in RTC: How can we as a religion that demands blue chip exchange for its miraculous Technology possibly hope to compete with all of the Free Entheta online?

      Captain Miscavige believes that there should be an Internet Entheta Fee of $26,259 dollars per day assessed against SP’s, bitter defrocked apostates, journalists, etc., this to give the Church of Scientology a level playing field on the Internet.


  3. You hit a towering home run with that blast OT8 in a priceless demonstration perfectly illustrating how OT logic and analytic reasoning free of the reactive mind is not simply just beautiful in an aesthetic sense, but indeed a dangerous weapon in the upcoming battle of planetary clearing.


  4. The shrinking world of Scientology – jeez, what a joke! Yeah, sure, anyone can make a video about 12 or so apostates who can’t handle the torque. Let’s see Lugli make a video about the millions of Scientologists happily rocketing up the bridge!


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