David Miscavige to the Rescue!

Scientology spokesman Ken Delusion today announced that Golden Era Productions is making an epic film about Scientology ecclesiastical leader David Miscavige.

Entitled David Miscavige to the Rescue, the film is a $200,000,000 big budget epic about how COB saves the Planet from a fate worse than death, namely Psychiatric drugging and electroshocking.

Tom Cruise co-stars in this action tale of how two dedicated Scientologists infiltrate the American Psychiatric Association and steal files proving a global conspiracy to enslave Mankind.

Much of the action centers around David Miscavige and Tom Cruise and their Scientology supercar named Terl.

Watch as Dave, Tom, and Terl confront and shatter the forces of wholetrack Planetary Suppression in a battle so epic that it can only be called OT!

Rated M due to its extensive use of profanity and violence, David Miscavige to the Rescue is not a movie for spineless nattering homo saps!

Pantywaists and dilettantes will be turned away at the door!

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  1. Can’t wait to see Tom & COB do the publicity tour in support of the new film…Leno, Conan, John Stewart, Kimmel, Fallon.

    Just imagine the potential theta fest COB & Tommy-boy would create appearing on Greta Van Sustern’s show, she of OT capabilities herself.


  2. When can we see the trailer to this new film? Will there be a red carpet viewing?
    Dude, you are sooooo funny! Love your sense of humor.


  3. Oh no Tom-I am tired of sharing you with CoB! When are we gonna make our movie! Can’t wait to get to Hollywood because I’m gonna take Tom from CoB-AND THAT’S A PROMISE!!!!!!!!!


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