Obama, NSA, and Google are Spying on the Church of Scientology!

The Office of Special Affairs (OSA) has just concluded its top secret briefing of Fleet Admiral David Miscavige on the vast spying campaign being waged against the Church of Scientology.

The perpetrators of this massive spying campaign are wog President Brent Obama (whom COB thought was a good friend), the National Security Agency, and Google.


This is all quite true as proven by this picture OSA found on Google that shows the Church of Scientology’s top secret base and airport located near Trementina, New Mexico (35°31’28.56″N 104°34’20.20″W):

Funded by the Rockefeller-Illuminati-Big-Pharmacy cabal, this nefarious spying campaign explains why, despite the massive planetary expansion of Ideal Orgs, the Church of Scientology has the apparency of failing and collapsing in on itself. This is not true, but this massive spying campaign  makes it seem so.

Thankfully OSA discovered this web of intrigue and plotting against the Church just in time to reverse it.

However, there is a price to undo the damage already caused by this massive secret spying campaign.

Liberty is not free.

The price is $100,000 per Scientologist.

All Scientologists are required to donate at least $100,000 immediately to help Fleet Admiral Miscavige and OSA fight this massive governmental spying campaign.

We in RTC are working so very hard to protect you that the least you can do is bring the money to us today in cash.

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  1. Thank you for this valuable data OTVIIIisGrrr8! It has helped me increase my donatingness and givingness to a truly OT level.

    I’m proud to have just made a $1,000,000,000 donation to the IAS and have advanced my status to the level of Zirconium Patronus Maximus Stupidius Expealidocious. COB was so impressed and personally touched that he had John Travolta fly him directly to my house so he could personally run the credit card himself. Take that Bob and Trish Duggan, you downstat dilettantes!


  2. Wow!! Scientology411 sets a very high bar. Like the vast majority of those who flirted with the tech, I never made it past Stupidious Expealidocious, although back in the day (Honolulu Mission circa 1977) it was referred to as TR’s or the Comm class.

    Now if COB would be willing to entertain a $1/yr contribution for the next billion years, I’ll bet we could get that Zirconium Patronus level running straight up and vertical!!


    • whostolemycog, your idea of putting the loftiest of all IAS statuses on a layaway plan is certainly interesting, the payments have to be bigger.

      Can you do $10,000,000 per year for 100 years?


  3. COB’s OT XV powers could fix all this with a snap, but he cares enough to save us from becoming out-exchange degraded beings by requiring a reasonable contribution from each of us. Thank you RTC!!!


    • We in RTC greet you in the name of David Miscavige, the beneficent and merciful unto whom all praise is due.

      A tiny handful of rogue criminals in the Guardians Office were responsible for Operation Snow White.

      Mr, Miscavige identified and excommunicated these criminals from the Church.

      In doing so, Mr. Miscavige restored peace and harmony to the Church after which he ushered in an era of unparalleled expansion in Scientology history.

      As our website so glowingly notes:

      “Following (the Founder’s) death in 1986, it was Mr. Miscavige who steered Scientology through those difficult days; for as history demonstrates, the true test of any religion is to survive the passing of its Founder. Indeed, it was Mr. Miscavige who secured that survival by obtaining full religious recognition in the United States and ushering Scientology onto the global stage.”

      And so yes, as he Church moves triumphantly into the 21st century and beyon it is Mr. Miscavige who emerges as the hero who saved Scientology from criminals, SP’s, DB’s, Wholetrack Psych Implanters, Marcabs, the APA, the AMA, SMERSH, the CIA, the FBI, Operation Cointelpro, Operation Paperclip, the Nazis, Bedouin hoodlums, the Anatago Crims, and a very long list of others who would destroy Mankind’s only hope of salvation.


  4. Why do you in RTC refer to the president as Brent Obama?

    Does COB still walk around the Int base talking to himself?


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