IAS Member Jodi Arias: Winning at Celebrity Centre!

We in RTC are pleased to report that Scientologist and IAS member Jodi Arias has just debugged her entire case thanks to flubless Celebrity Centre auditing.


Living in a guest home provided her by Maricopa County, Arizona, Jodi is a model citizen who has donated her hair to charity and works actively on social betterment programs such as distributing copies of The Way to Happiness to those in her environment.

As part of her 4th dynamic flow, Jodi plans on starting a literacy program and widely disseminating Scientology using social media.

Once she completes her lengthy and important commitment to the citizens of Arizona, COB RTC David Miscavige has promised Jodi Arias a job as an Ethics Officer at Int Base.

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  1. From what I understand, the salary on Jody Arias’ current “post” is roughly equivalent to Sea Org pay, so when she is able to “route out” from her current post, I am sure she will find Sea Org working conditions to be very familiar. I bet the “blow drills” on her current post are probably less thorough than what you guys run at Int Base.


    • As a committed IAS member and Scientologist, our Ms. Arias has no blow thoughts nor would she entertain “Ev Purps” such as destroying a planet or blowing her post as an FSM and field disseminator in Maricopa County.

      Furthermore, if only to complete this two-way comm cycle, we in RTC don’t recognize the term “blow drill.”

      It sounds unrecognizable to us.

      Thank you and now please come up to PT.


      • OTVIIIisGrrr8! | May 25, 2013 at 12:27 am | Reply

        ” our Ms. Arias has no blow thoughts” OT8, I told you to stop using double entendres.


    • good point John–prisoners earn 50 cents an hour. After their release, they get $200 cash, and have had some job training. They also get health care, so it’s better than the Sea Org in some ways.


  2. Think about it: which is worse–getting swiftly killed like Arias’ ex-boyfriend, or spending years in an RPF prison like Shelly? Jodi may be too ethical for Co$.


    • Jodi Arias + Facelift/nose job = AOC.

      *SAME EARS..!!
      *SAME TEETH..!!
      *Same VOICE..!!
      *Same birthmarks..!!
      *SAME Hairline & hair texture
      *Both BIG “SELFIE GIRLS”

      You go look.

      They’ve done this before.


      • You’ve caught us. Yep. We in Scientology turned Jodi Arias into AOC. You are one blazingly intelligent QAnon. You should come work for us in Scientology.


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