Be One of the Next 2,000 People to Get Through OT V @ AOLA

We in RTC want you to be one of the next 2,000 people to get through OT V at AOLA. It is a fact that 10,000 people on Solo NOTs will tip the theta/entheta ratio on this planet and reverse the dwindling spiral. You need to be a part of unenturbulating the enturbulated theta that keeps this planet stuck at 1.1 on the Tone Scale.

So grab your meter and step through the magical door to OT V! Solo.Nots


  • In order to Solo on OT VII, one must first complete OT V.
  • In order to complete OT V, one must first do OT III and pass through the Wall of Fire.
  • In order to do OT III, one must go Clear and then enter the non-interference zone.
  • In order to go Clear and then enter the non-interference zone, one must first do the lower grades.
  • In order to do the lower grades, one must first do Life Repair.
  • In order to do Life Repair, one must first have a reach for Scientology.
  • In order to have a reach for Scientology, one must first read Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health.

Now, one could do all of the above and this would require a great deal of time, money, and sec checking.

Alternately, one could simply make a donation to the IAS which is what we in RTC really want because it is easier for everyone all around.

Sure, you could drone on and on in session forever about incidents on your wholetrack — or you could just donate the money and skip the auditing part.

Frankly, you are such a complete and total criminal piece of trash and sex pervert that you really would not enjoy auditing anyway because you would have to give up all of your crimes and overts in incredibly grindy sec checks.

Please believe we in RTC when we say that Flag auditors will knock all of that banky vicious nonsense right out of your skull during thousands of hours of endless sec checks on the meter. Our Ethics Officers will then reduce you to a quivering slagheap of Theta whose forced smile betrays sheer terror.

And for what?

You will give up your crimes, overts, and withholds only to be put into lower conditions where you will forced to to make up for the damage you have done to the group in truly humiliating ways. After all, once we in the Church know all about the disgraceful things you’ve done we will never ever let you forget and will in fact use it against you as it suits our purposes for Planetary Clearing.

You don’t want to go there.

Seriously, the Bridge is so hard to do these days. It is just easier to write a $50,000 check, call yourself an IAS Patron, and be done with it for now. If you donate now, we will even stop bothering you for a few weeks about giving us more money.

Please donate $50,000 to the IAS today and you will receive an attractive IAS nylon windbreaker as our special gift:


OT V is good, but a $50,000 IAS windbreaker is better!

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  1. Sorry, but the dwindling spiral is already in effect for your scientology.
    Hilarious Post and so right on…. like this part “or you could just donate the money and skip the auditing part.”
    You speak truth!


  2. For those who don’t want to understand there is the Corporate Scientology and now THERE IS the Independents…. OK, whoever wants to confuse Scientology with the so called church can still attack…. it’s just madness…. WE are here to make sure that Scientology stays effective and becomes known to the people of Earth. I am sorry if this to some people is unpalatable. However it is, it’s gonna happen. Scientology is a HIGHER LEVEL of KNOWLEDGE…. and Man needs that now more than ever. Don’t look at Miscavige, LOOK at Scientology and what it really is. It’s all written down in plain english.


    • Look, why don’t you just be reasonable about this, write a $50,000 check
      to the IAS, and call it a day?

      We in RTC are in a bit of a spot and need some liquid cash. That’s all.
      No need to get dramatic. Factually, you need to step up and help we in
      RTC as we are the most ethical beings on the planet.


    • Plain English? The word scientology will not survive. Maybe the philosophy will but Hubboards stuff is doomed by his own insanity, accountable to too many words and policy.


    • We in RTC did a survey to find the most popular colors.
      We will demand larger donations for the popular colors
      and it will all become a status thing.

      For example, only Patron Excalibur Gladiators will
      get a blue windbreaker.


  3. This is one of the funnest and most truthful postings you have done. I doff my tin foil hat to you ot8isgrrr8. I continue to worship you from afar.


    • Coming from a Texas longhorn who wears a tinfoil hat, your ack means
      a lot to we in RTC.

      BTW, didn’t we meet somewhere back on the track? We clearly
      remember a longhorn charging us in a Fort Worth stockpen
      back on June 5, 1888 at 2:31:18 PM local time.


    • As we in RTC see the matter — and we are the authorities on the mind —
      if a person needs their friends to tell them they’re not gay,
      then they lack certainty on their sexual orientation.

      The answer is the Sexual Uncertainty Charged Kinetic
      Course on Counter Knowingness
      , a special Flag-only

      That course and a $50,000 IAS windbreaker will make you heterosexual.


      • verobeachmax asks:

        “What if I already donated the $50,000 previously? Do I still get
        the windbreaker?”

        We in RTC will permit the Windbreaker Claims Verification Unit
        (WCVU) to authorize the retroactive gift of an IAS nylon
        windbreaker only for those IAS Patrons who meet the
        following conditions:

        1. Have donated $50,000 to the IAS previously

        2. Sign an “IAS Windbreaker Release of Liability” form stating
        that the IAS windbreaker is given based on the fact that
        all IAS donations are nonrefundable in this and all future

        3. Those requesting IAS windbreakers on a retroactive basis must:

        * Be a member in good standing of both the Church of Scientology and the IAS.

        * Have purchased the complete Basics Library.

        * Turn over all of the e-mail addresses in all of their
        e-mail accounts and agree to allow we in RTC to access
        and search all of their computers, smartphones,
        and all other digital devices and old typewriter ribbons.

        4. Complete a sec check to ensure they have no hidden
        evil purposes on obtaining IAS windbreaker, e.g. they
        will not give an IAS windbreaker to a member of Anonymous,
        a squirrel, or anyone connected to Big Pharma, SMERSH,
        Interpol, the FBI, the CIA, or the Catholic Church.

        No Independent Scientologist may have an IAS windbreaker.

        No SP, psych case, British banker, or Black Five case may
        have an IAS windbreaker.

        No wholetrack Suppressive — dramatizing or not — may
        have an IAS windbreaker

        Persons illegally possessing or wearing an IAS
        windbreaker will be arrested on sight by OSA.

        You have been warned!

        Like the distinctive RTC burlwood pen, the
        equally distinctive IAS windbreaker is for real
        IAS members only.


      • If people don’t get results from the course you outlined above with
        the snappy acronym that nobody else seems to have spelled out,
        they can always do the repair rundown intensive called
        “Beginning Level Overcoming Withholds and
        Management of Entheta.” That’ll be another $20,000.


  4. OT8, I just saw your press release entitled “Fort Harrison Gingerbread House Brings Holiday Cheer”. What does it cost to get a gingerbread replica of my own? Also, have your gingerbread men been sec checked?


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