Scientology: No Refunds for SP’s!

Each year, tens and hundreds of millions of people join the Church of Scientology and are 100% completely satisfied and so will remain Church members for the trillions of eons of years ahead until the last star burns out at which point they will head over to the Ideal Org galaxy located to the west of this universe.

Now, there are a few people in the Church of Scientology who go over the dark side each year after reading the lies posted on the internet. We in RTC warn our members to not read the internet, but a few do go out ethics, read the internet, and are then infected with deadly entheta to which they succumb.

And so it is that we in RTC declare such an individual to be Suppressive Person. When we do this, we give the SP a slap upside their head, their goldenrod, and then we deliver an unceremonious kick in the ass as we boot them out of the door of our breathtakingly luxurious Ideal Orgs.

An RTC Rep gives an SP an unceremonious kick in the ass as said SP is 86’d from the Church of Scientology and its ultra-luxe Ideal Orgs! No refunds for SP’s!

The SP has lost their Eternity and over what?

Online entheta!

It is not worth it, so heed the lesson:

Keep your Eternity Safe! Don’t read online entheta!

Because an SP is an SP, he or she will demand a so-called refund of monies on account.

We in RTC hate to be so blunt, but under Scientology Ecclesiastical Law — and this is the only law that matters — SP’s are not entitled to refunds until and unless they do steps A-E and then make up the damage they have done to the group by publicly leaving and denouncing the Church of Scientology. There is simply no way around it: SP’s cannot be given refunds anymore than one would give a terrorist a bazooka.

Only people who support arming terrorists would support giving SP’s refunds.

So what it is then?

Do you support Terrorism or do you support the rule of Law?

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  1. I am too busy to respond as i am postulating a boil on the COB ass that will be bigger than Nebraska but much much more pus filled.


  2. OT8, you better give refunds or the SPs will sue Mr. David Miscavige personally, subpoena him to a deposition, and have him held in contempt when he does not show up. You will also have sanctions levied vs. you.

    Do you understand?


      • Well Davey, it’s like this. Shelly is missing. If you leave Gold Base, you will be arrested, tried for murder, convicted and jailed for life. No more $1,000 suits, motorcycle rides with Tommy or trips to exotic places to open empty orgs. NOW do you understand?


      • @jgg2012

        $1000 suits! You must be joking. $1000 shoes, maybe. COB’s suits are at a minimum $2,500, and that’s a daily beater. The nicer bespoke ones are at least $5000. I really am curious what wrist watch he prefers.


  3. We outside the RTC are postulating a steamy, fun filled night with OTViiiisG8 and ourselves. To include lots of brain licking please. Do you in the RTC spank?


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