Scientologists Re-Elect President Obama

Fleet Admiral David Miscavige shares the stage with the First Family following President Obama’s reelection victory.

It is just as we in RTC wrote yesterday: 92,000,000 US Scientologists– acting under the direct orders of Fleet Admiral David Miscavige – voted to reelect President Obama, this based on his pledge to protect the Church from SP’s.

Speaking from Washington DC, Fleet Admiral Miscavige declared that the Church of Scientology can look forward to four more years of freedom from, “The FBI and other pesky SP law enforcement agencies who think they can poke their nose into Church business.”

10 responses to “Scientologists Re-Elect President Obama

  1. Obama can’t protect you from yourself, idiot. Down you are going and the News corps and internet will help. Sorry little one!


  2. It is my pleasure to inform you that Mary Bono (the last remaining Scientology sympathizer in Congress) lost.


  3. Fine…..Now really show the power of Scientology and do something about Donald Trump!


  4. OT8, Mary Bono must have taken math courses at the celeb center. She trails by about 4,000, or 3%. She claims there are “180,000 votes not yet counted”. The total cast was less than that, and only a few thousand are still uncounted. She won’t make up that difference.

    Interestingly, though, she won all 2,900 Sea Org votes. Too bad the Sea Org isn’t bigger.


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