Tom Cruise NOT is leaving Scienotlogy to get whatshername Katie Holmes back!

We in RTC wish to emphatically make it clear that OT VII Tom Cruise will not be leaving the Church of Scientology to win back whatshername Katie Holmes.The divorce happened and Tom ended cycle on his marriage as ordered to do by COB RTC David Miscavige.

End of story.

All of the fake “news” stories out there are lies; they are the fabrications of drug-using wog reporters who invent baseless tabloid stories to sell magazines. A quick look at these so-called “news stories” quickly reveals that they are all sensationalistic garbage put out there by the Rockefeller-Nixon media to attack the Church of Scientology:

Tom Cruise leaving Scientology for Katie Holmes?

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Reunion?

Cruise to cut links with Scientology to get Holmes back?

Is Tom Cruise Considering Leaving Scientology For Realz???

We in RTC assure readers of this blog that Class IV Auditor Tom Cruise is very busy auditing new girlfriend/wife candidates from a short list of Sea Org women.

Here we see Scientology Class IV auditor Tom Cruise using his flubless TR’s to laugh at the pathetic wrong answer given by a prospective girlfriend candidate.

Scientology Class IV auditor Tom Cruise uses his flubless TR’s to laugh at the pathetic wrong answer given by a prospective girlfriend candidate.

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  1. After repeatedly reassuring COB RTC David Miscavige that he had not conspired with Katie to stage a divorce after which he would publicly depart Scientology and remarry Katie, Tom Cruise was put in a lower Ethics condition and thus ordered by COB to do a PR Op in which the public becomes convinced that Tom Cruise:

    1. Is not a monster
    2. Is not a conniving narcissist
    3. Does not beat his staff members
    4, Has never hit, kicked, punched, or choked the degraded being Michael Doven
    5. Has not fallen into the valence of COB RTC David Miscavige
    6. Loves animals, nature, and walking on the beach
    7. Is contemplative and reads ponderous philosophical tomes by Socrates, etc
    8. Is best friends with Will Smith
    9. Keeps his religion to himself as it is an intensely personal matter
    10. Cares deeply about social betterment issues such as drugs, literacy, and crime


    11. The public must become convinced that Scientology had nothing to do with the divorce of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes,

    12. Tom Cruise must appear at the next ten IAS events where COB is slated to speak. NO EXCUSES ARE ALLOWED! TOM CRUISE HAS MISSED TOO MANY IAS EVENTS IN THE PAST TWO YEARS AND COB IS PISSED!

    After he completes this COB-mandated 12 step program, Tom Cruise will then complete a series of programmed auditing steps to rehabilitate the enthusiasm he publicly displayed for Scientology in 2005.


    • Maybe Tom Cruise missed those IAS event because he realized the same thing the res of us have–COB is full of hot air (amongst other things)


  2. I love it!
    Tom Cruise laughing at a girlfriend candidate while she’s on the meter!
    Flubless TRs my ass!
    Invalidation is more like it!


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