We Are the Most Ethical Group on the Planet


We in RTC wish to welcome you to our blog.

While you are here, you are expected to obey our rules.

Please note that any infractions are subject to immediate justice actions, up to and including incarceration in one of our many religious prisons or ecclesiastical gulags.

We in RTC conclude by reminding all persons that we are carefully surveilling you.

We in RTC will find your crimes.

We in RTC will ensure that you are either a Scientologist, in prison, or a Scientologist in prison. These are your only options on this prison planet.

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  1. Got here first! Can I be the first person in your personal prison? Do I have to donate to project mouse table to be considered for this fine option you’ve presented us Wogs?


  2. I’m happy not to look at your ugly puss any longer. Maybe I will linger longer and read in-depth. Ya, like you probably changed it back already. You are in your own prison and am happy for you.


  3. We in the Bunker and at the Rodeo are pleased to find out that the OSA has a new blog where we Bitter Defrocked Apostates and the Posse of Lunatics are able to expend our Bitchy-ness and Humor-ness and all our other Nesses. We feel most welcome-ness and we shall try our hardest-ness to abide by your rules Sire-ness.


  4. HEY, wheres the Beef?
    You now have a blog and you are not on Comm lines?
    This is Entheta.
    You are tone 1.1 Liability right now bucko…..
    What up?


  5. Hey I want to get my oiliness perceptic honed to intergalactic levels. When is the superpowers building gonna open, RTC? Also, I want a burlwood pen. House is Project Mouse Table going?


  6. It’s about time we have you here to bat around your smugness. Who the hell do you think you are? Miss Cabbage? Yeah that’s who you are! Well you’re in for it. Thanks for being here. Bat! Bat! upside the head and between the legs.


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