Dr. Kirstie Alley on the Coronavirus, Tom Cruise & John Travolta

As Tom Cruise taught us, Scientologists are the only ones who can help. Scientologists are also the only people who can shatter suppression and handle SP’s.

Even as Dr. Kirstie Alley is postulating a pandemic away, she is also fighting SP’s in the tabloids. This is the burden of the Scientologist: Postulate away a pandemic while fair gaming SP’s.

The correct Scientology repsonse here is to postulate away the pandemic for everyone except SP’s!

BTW, Tom Cruise and John Travolta do not hate each other. Theirs is actually a mutual self-loathing over David Miscavige’s frequent and bizarre bouts of vicious and insane behavior. How did these two actors, and indeed all Scientologists, get stuck with such a knucklehead of a religious leader? Did Scientologists pull in David Miscavige as a third dynamic overt due to their hidden crimes?

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  1. The Marcabians need to come brief earthlings that Scientology is dong the right thing, and for all earthlings to get on board and do the Hubbard stepladder of pseudo-therapy and exorcism, and all would be well.

    When Xenu returns, Scientology will be vindicated, and Hubbard proven right.

    Or, when Hubbard finishes the OT Running Program, which he’s out in outer space doing at the moment, and it’s taking him longer than he thought it would, but when he comes back to earth, if Xenu and the Marcabians don’t come to earth in the meantime, then Hubbard when he returns after his OT Running Program, he’ll fix everything.

    Just you wait.


  2. Oooooooooooohhhhh! How dare you criticize our beloved COB and say he has erratic behavior! Mr. Miscavige is the most theta and ethical being in the whole MEST Universe! No one is like him! I suggest that Mr. Travolta and Mr. Cruise get routed to HCO at once so they can have their ethics put in!


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