Solve it With Ideal Orgs: Why Unusual Solutions Stop the Expansion of Scientology

We in the RTC Department of Social Media Policing saw this post from Betsy at the LA Org posted on an enemy blog:


Scientology is never to be used a preclear’s personal taxi service.

We in RTC have to do all thinking because pie-faced staff members are robots. The situation at hand is not a transportation problem. This is a think-think figure-figure about how to move a meat body around when the real solution is 100% fully embracive of the actual problem.

The solution is to immediately begin fundraising for a new Hawthorne Ideal Org!

Staff member Betsy is assigned to the RPF for defeatist think: Car rides are an unusual solution when a new Ideal Org is always the right answer.

We in RTC are in RTC because we THINK BIG.

“Solve it with Ideal Orgs” is COB’s answer now and for eternity.

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  1. When I first heard about Betsy and her Alter-Is of the Tech, I immediately thought of our Founder’s wise maxim, “to go OT you must be OT”. Why in the hell would Betsy want to enable this woman from Hawthorne’s caving in to MEST obstacles? What this woman needs is a quick trip to her friendly Ethics Officer to get to the bottom of why she is PTS to the LA Public Transit System. But, if this poor woman were really on the ball she would realize that she is already OT and she doesn’t have to do the SRD in the first place. Scientology helps the able to be more able. The able are already OT. For all the rest, it’s endless Reg Cycles and Fundraisers until they have the real OT Cognition and get Outta There.

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