Has David Miscavige Crossed Over to the Dark Side and Become a Targ?

We at Scientology Media Productions broke the exclusive story that a Scientology fundraiser had accidentally become a new religion called  The Glorious Pre-Adamite Super Targ Empire of the Greater San Fernando Valley and of the Infernal Regions of Hollywood and Beyond.

Now comes word that Fleet Admiral David Miscavige has crossed over to the dark side and become the King of Targs.

We don’t know if the Fleet Admiral is actually on a secret mission to destroy the Targs from the inside. There is a precedent here inasmuch as L. Ron Hubbard was sent in to destroy a Black Magick sex ring in Pasadena.

The year was 1946. US Naval Intelligence sent Ron in because this diabolical Black Magick sex ring was corrupting the top American rocket scientists at Cal Tech and the Jet Propulsion Labs. Ron was successful and saved America from the Communist attempt to use Black Magick to derail US defense.

Ron received yet another Medal of Honor for his successful mission. However, as his records were sheep-dipped the public never knew. It may be that Fleet Admiral Miscavige will receive his third Medal of Honor if he destroys the Targs and their newest threat to Scientology organizations.

Stay tuned.

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