We in Scientology Apologize for Placing a Kiosk in the LAPD Hollywood Division

We in Scientology wish to apologize for any misunderstanding over the installation of our kiosk in the public lobby of the LAPD Hollywood Division station house.

What was supposed to have been installed was a bust of L. Ron Hubbard. The error has been corrected and the LRH bust in now on display in the lobby.

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  1. Nice tah see da’ midget bein’ flexible; he’s been unreasonable lately, especially when Tony Bones raised our “courtesy” fees. Jilly wanted more, but da’ midget said he was skint from dat shit TV network he started.

    Jilly, Toney Bones and Vinny Shanks tink we should make him put a bust of ol’ Blue Eyes in dem orgs of his, just tah balance things out, seeins’ dat dat Hubbard jerk is such an ugly fuck…

    Frank’s our patron saint, and he sings an’ looks a helluvah lot better den dat ogre.

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