Deadly Pneumonia Epidemic Slams Colombia as OT Materials are Broadcast on Television! Scientology to Abandon This Criminal Nation!

COB RTC Mr. David Miscavige singlehandedly saved the entire nation of Colombia from violence, evil, terror, drug-traffickers, and every other danger. For his efforts, the grateful nation of Colombia awarded him its highest medal for having saved humanity.

The Merchants of Chaos in Colombia reacted with an ungodly wave of terror. Scientology threatened their lucrative wars, sale of illegal narcotics, and the Psych drugging of the population beginning with forced vaccinations of screaming babies all the way through to “Dr. Feel Good” injections of Vistaril into the enfeebled elderly on their death beds.

The Psychs had squirrel versions of the upper levels OT materials broadcast on Colombian TV. This created a pandemic of pneumonia in a nation that was on the verge of becoming the first cleared nation in Hispaniola, a land discovered so long ago by Christopher Colombia for whom the nation is named.

Colombia had its chance and blew it. These degenerate wogs can go back to snorting cocaine and shooting each other. COB has sold the Bogota Ideal Org to a group of very legitimate Colombian businessmen for an undisclosed sum paid all in cash.

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  1. So whatz wrong wit doin’ a little tootskie and da’ occasional hit? Hell, dat’s a day in da’ life fuh da’ crew!

    Jilly and Rocco Bones waz in Medilin to see ol’ Pablo back inda day, and between da’ broads and blow, Vinny Shanks ended-up havin’ to send a few of da’ boys on a rescue mission.

    What waz ‘possed to be a weekend sit down, ended-up as a 3 month bender. Jilly needed a new nose, and Rocco was in da’ clap clinic for a month! Jilly almost became “no nose” and Rocco “drip dick”…


    • Doc, it sounds to me like your boyz could use some GAT II Purification Rundowns and PTS/SP Courses offered at your nearest Church of Scientology Ideal Org. Not to evaluate or invalidate, but I think you guys might be PTS as a result of hanging out with some Suppressive elements in your environment. Scientology has the answers for that. If Rocco would have gotten some Standard Tech Touch Assists by at the Flag Land Base (the ‘friendliest’ place on Earth) he might not be having the, um, issues that he is now manifesting. Of course he might not have his wallet either, but that’s another matter.


  2. Why is it that COB RTC Mr. Capt’n David ‘el Colombo’ Miscavige ALWAYS has to step in and singlehand, Hill 10, all hands, unfloof the goof it when something goes wrong? Although he always pulls off a win for the Church it would be nice if someone else could take responsibility for their own post and do their job so COB doesn’t have to do it for them.

    Even Mrs. COB Shelly ‘Who’ Miscavige seems to have disappeared and is no longer helping her husband with even a simple task like standing by his side. She’s probably off in some undisclosed location taking it easy getting her nails done or engaging in some other woggy activity rather than helping COB Clear this sector of the guh-lax-ee.

    Shelly and all the other downstat execs deserve a bad case of the sniffles along with those turncoat Columbians. And buy your own pocket hankerchiefs you DBs!!!!!


    • “PTS”? Whatz dat, Ms B, “Potentially Troublesome Sicilians” o’ some shit? Whadda we need a course fuh what comes natural-like?

      Tony Bones an’ Vito been ta’ dat Flag o’ Fag o’ whadeveh da hell it’s called when we first hooked-up wit da midget. It didn’t go too wellz.

      Dey were very disappointed when dey found out dat “touch assists” had nuttin’ to do with broads in hot tubs, ‘specially in Florida ffs! Vito’s banned fuh life, as he shot some kid who tried to run his fingers down Vito’s arm, and den told Vito to run around some f’cking pole; he weighs 450 f’cking pounds, and can run probably 6 feet witout keelin’ over.

      Oh and Jilly needs ur August “900” take dere, Ms. B; he’s getting worried again dat youz forgettin’ our little “arrangement”.


      • Hey, how about giving a gal a break? My stats aren’t due until Thursday at 2:00 and besides I’m still trying to get out of Non-E. I’m having a hell of a time doing that cuz I can’t get the damn Telex machine to sync up with Ma Bell and the 900 system. So you just tell Mr. Jilly to cut Ms. B. some slack and after I get through my next OT Prosperity Seminar I will be able to 10x my stats just like the Ideal Orgs are doing. That shouldn’t be too hard since they are at zero right now.


      • Look Ms B, youz lucky Jilly likes youz, as he’s been runnin’ interference wit da’ big guy about yourz operation…

        Even wit him soft on youz, Thursday at 2:00 ain’t gonna cut it wit him or dah rest of dah crew. He’s already gettin’ hammered fuh da’ boys tinking he’s sweet on youz. Anybody else would’ve been wacked by now fuh dem “stats” o’ whatevah youz Scientomologicalists calls yahselves.

        We bagz da’ green fuh Friday delivery by 9 inda evening at da’ Ravenite Social Club, and it wouldz behoves youz to do da’ same…


      • Yo, Ms. B… Cosmo, Inc is under new “management”; lets just say weez had a little “hostile takeover”, if youz gets my drift… Jilly anda rest o’ da crew now works for me, so dat means youz, toosk


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