Sizzling Summer Scientology Bonus Offers!

Special Scientology Bonus Offers:

1. Prepay for your OT levels today and receive 250,000 free fake Twitter followers! You can be a theetie-wheetie dilettante public Scientologist with lots of fake followers just like Joy Villa or Stacy Francis!

You can use your fake followers to attack “that show” on “that network” by “her.”


2. If you’re an OT and you join staff you’ll receive 2,500,000 free fake Twitter followers! Imagine the impact you can have on Scientology’s fourth dynamic salvage campaigns with that many fake followers!


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  1. This is certainly a tempting offer that will make every Scientologist quiver with excitement!!! I would love to be able to pay for my OT levels regardless of whether or not I got those juicy bonuses. To be honest, I don’t know what I would do with the Twitter stuff anyway, I’ve never been able to understand how to make Twitter work on my Telex. I must have a crashing MU.

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  2. Me and da boiz gotta laugh outta dis new scam from da’ midget. Reminds us of all dem fake votes Sam and da Outfit got fuh dat Kennedy scumbag in West Virginia in ’60, though weez got a lot more den 250,000 fake votes.

    Tiny Marscappa had a bit of a flutter doh, as dat nahukder broad looks a lot like his favorite squeeze over at da “Tan and Touch’ joint weez runs over dere on 42nd and Broadway.

    If sheez da one, da’ midget better be lookin’ to import more o’ dem Russkie broads to replace her, or he’ll be needin’ to hide somewherez better den dat ugly dive in Hemet…

    Oderwize, let’s just sez dat dah next time him an dat barge of his takes him scuba divin’, he might be shorta air…


  3. Oh and dat reminds me, dat picture on da bottom looks like one me and da boiz took when scoutin “opporztunities” for Sam down in Dallas back in early in ’63. He kept goin’ on ’bout “grassy knolls” an shit fuh whadda ever reason…


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