Church of Scientology Reaches Out to Incels

Incels — involuntarily celibates — are a subclass of male losers who lurk on the dark web. Women avoid incels for many reasons, but mostly because incels are racist, angry, dull, unattractive, women-hating misogynists who have no desirable qualities. Derided as permavirgins, incels are doomed to a 2Dless existence.

However, the good news for Incels is that Scientology can do something about it!

Scientology can even help George Ingram Insailes, the King of Incels.


As opposed to Incels, there are Normies and Chads. According to Incel culture, Normies are able to date women and have relationships whereas Chads are super studs. Thanks to Scientology, Tom Cruise is a Chad! In fact, Tom Cruise is Chad Thundercock, the King of Chads!

Tom Cruise is Scientology’s Chad Thundercock!

Scientology’s secret OT voodoo can turn even the most pathetic Incel into a Chad Thundercock!

The answer is to do Scientology’s Super Power Rundown at Flag Land Base in Clearwater, Florida.

Become a Chad Thundercock today! Do Super Power! You have nothing to lose but your virginity and $250,000!


Incel and permavirgin Doug Dweebner of Cedar Rapids, Iowa went from Incel to a Chad Thundercock after doing Scientology Super Power!!! You can too!!!

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  1. This is off-policy!! Scientology is designed to make the able more able, and NEVER to help the unable!! But COB does not care so long as it helps him to steal even more money!


  2. “Fingers” sez if uz “made,” uz nevah haz to worry ‘bout chicks; dey flocks to us wise guys, what wid ouz sharp suits, wads o’ dough and front row seats fuh Sinatra… Deez loosers needs to dump da’ midget’s lousy schtick and gets a life!


  3. I always wondered where the term “Hanging Chad” came from. Semi off topic, but I understand Tom Cruise has moved into his new swinging bachelor pad in downtown Clearwater. It seems he is also filming the sequel to Cocktail or Top Gun in the area too. Is there any word on open casting calls for on screen roles or 2-D parts?


  4. Do not under any circumstances ask either Tom or Dave, “Is it in yet?”…that phrase is a one way ticket to a lifetime RPF assignment.


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