Scientology Reacts to Season 3 of Leah Remini’s Scientology and the Aftermath


“Make it stop!” screamed David Miscavige! “I can’t stand it!”

“Sir,” said Ken Delusion in his grimly dramatic manner, “the only thing the doctor can give you for this type of pain is another injection of more Vistaril. Would you like more?”

“Yes! More! Shove that goddamned needle in my ass until I pass out! I need more Vistaril to make the pain go away! The pain of that television show is even worse than the Helatrobus implant!”

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  1. Vince the ShamWow guy called to offer COB a special OT crying towel after hearing of COB’s reaction to season three of The Aftermath. This towel will soak up a lifetime of tears without ever having to be wrung out. As you may recall, it was Vince (when he was known as the SlapChop guy) who inspired COB’s own version of the SlapChop, which he used with unremitting effectiveness on his executive staff when they needed a little extra incentive.

    COB could use some help. Vince says COB needs to call now.

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