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David Miscavige Sues Leah because She’s Mean to Him


Los Angeles Superior Court

David Miscavige


Leah Remini
Walt Disney Corporation
The Ghost of Walt Disney
All Annual Disney Passholders
The Total Viewership of A&E
John Does 1 – 47,000,000

Plaintiff Miscavige alleges that Defendant Remini and her fellow defendants conspired to use Free Speech to expose the Plaintiff’s secret long-term ecclesiastical imprisonment of his wife Michele Miscavige, which said ecclesiastical wife is not a party to this action, and, as a matter of her religious beliefs may not be a party to any legal action involving her church, i.e. the Church of Spiritual Technology (CST), a member church in the ecclesiastical hierarchy of Scientology churches. Further, Plaintiff’s wife may not be deposed under the apex ecclesiastical wife theory.

Under the First Amendment, ecclesiastical imprisonment and the other exercises of freedom of religion are protected from government and media interference where it can be demonstrated that the “fake news” media is part of the government and therefore the defendants are part of a secret government cabal known by various and misleading names such as SMERSH, Big Pharma, CIA, FBI, IRS, A&E, Disney et. al. to be discovered in deposition.

Plaintiff Miscavige alleges that he has been harassed by Defendants but especially Defendant Remini who has been very mean to him to such an extent that he is no longer her friend as he wrote to her in 2003.

Defendant Remini is the Executive Producer of an harassive Emmy-winning show known as Scientology and the Aftermath, which show name is false and defamatory as there is no bitter aftermath to Scientology, the phony allegations made by bitter defrocked apostates, bigots, haters and purported victims of “Fair Game” and “Disconnection” notwithstanding. Nevertheless, as Plaintiff Miscavige will show these policies were cancelled in 1967.

Plaintiff Miscavige alleges serious butthurt and asks the court for a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) against Defendant Remini and her co-defendants so that no more television programs about Plaintiff Miscavige can be made. This TRO would be different in nature than the TRO in Rathbun v. Miscavige in which Plaintiff Miscavige was temporarily restrained from spending endless ecclesiastical monies to allegedly harass squirrels, which never happened as the case was dropped by the opposing party after a hefty consideration was surreptitiously paid via unknown and shadowy agents purportedly associated with one General Mena Bravo…


Scientology Reacts to Season 3 of Leah Remini’s Scientology and the Aftermath


“Make it stop!” screamed David Miscavige! “I can’t stand it!”

“Sir,” said Ken Delusion in his grimly dramatic manner, “the only thing the doctor can give you for this type of pain is another injection of more Vistaril. Would you like more?”

“Yes! More! Shove that goddamned needle in my ass until I pass out! I need more Vistaril to make the pain go away! The pain of that television show is even worse than the Helatrobus implant!”

Scientology’s New Year’s Resolutions

The 100% Fully Ethical and On Source Scientologist applies KSW to his or her life and ruthlessly stamps out all sources of suppression. Are you doing your part to help Clear the Planet?

We in the Church of Scientology firmly resolve to be a fully Ideal Church in every way in 2018. We therefore make the following resolutions:

1. We will raise all prices 4000%

2. We will savagely destroy the internet and all other sources of entheta.

3. We will spy on more SP’s than ever before. We are spying on you right now.

4. We will tap the phones and hack the e-mail accounts of all SP’s.

5. We will mail COB’s Ecclesiastical Dildos to everyone we hate.

6. We will make insane videos attacking the Psychs, SMERSH, the CIA, Interpol, the Marcabs, Big Pharma, the Martians, and everyone else who is trying to stop Scientology.

7. We will erect a 1000 foot tall statue of COB RTC Mr. David Miscavige in Hollywood. This will be the tallest statue in the world.

8. Scientology Media Productions will broadcast something in 2018. We’re not sure what or where, but SMP will broadcast something. It will be much better than Leah Remini’s Emmy-winning show Scientology and the Aftermath.

9. We in RTC will immediately hand an SP Declare to any Scientology celebrity who brings Scientology into disrepute. We will no longer coddle these horrific monsters.

10. We will stop the godless Russian Communists from raiding our Orgs every other week. What the Russians call “financial crimes and fraud” we call the 100% correct application of  Scientology:


Welcome to Scientology


Welcome to Scientology. We’ll begin by having you get rid of your suppressive family. BTW, you can’t watch ScientologyTheAftermath or we’ll declare you an SP!

The Aftermath of the Aftermath


COB RTC Mr. David Miscavige never recovered from Scientology and the Aftermath. He quickly began to pack on weight during the second season. For dinner, COB would often eat 2-3 hams, an entire turkey, mashed potatoes and 3 chocolate cakes. His breakfast was a 12-egg cheese omelet with one dozen slices each of French toast, waffles, and pancakes to which he would add a mountain of bacon and sausage. Lunch was 23 cheeseburgers, onion rings, fries, and ten ice cream sundaes. Snacks were several bags of Doritos, pickled pigs feet, sweetbreads, gallons of Mountain Dew, and several dozen assorted donuts. And of course COB was always smoking Camel cigarettes.

COB developed odd affectations. He built a monocle with a long stem from black pipe cleaners. Although the monocle had no lens, COB would often close one eye and pretend to closely inspect objects with his monocle. Some of the objects he inspected did not exist and yet he claimed them to be invisible and that only he could see them. COB took to wearing a battered old top hat and great coat and wandering the streets. He wore a pocket watch and would often stop to check the time on Mars. He refused to bathe except on the second Tuesday of each month.

Local packs of wild dogs, for Downtown Clearwater had become a ghost town by this time, would nip and bite at his swollen ankles and distended belly. COB claimed to the remaining 200 Scientologists that the greatest time in Scientology’s history was soon to come when a new e-meter that was actually a time machine would take the entire Church of Scientology back to the time of George Washington. During his short walks on the beach at low tide the seagulls would peck at him. He would flail at them with his cane and claim they were Marcabs. Danny Sherman was COB’s constant and faithful companion and assured him this was all quite true.

Delusion Reveals the WHY for Why Scientology Media Productions Is Not Broadcasting

“By actual survey, Scientology parishioners are asking the WHY for why Scientology Media Productions is not broadcasting,” said spokesman Ken Delusion. “More than a few Scientologists have noted that Leah Remini has been able to broadcast an entheta show week after week — and even win an Emmy — while SMP sits idly by and does nothing about it, this despite Scientology’s motto that ‘Something Can Be Done About It.'”

“The answer is that the CST Deep Space Antenna Array in New Mexico has not yet received signal from the Founder on Target Two authorizing SMP to begin broadcasting.”

“An obscure clause in the Founder’s last will and testament requires his direct permission by Telex radio communication from T2 before ‘any Scientology entity may broadcast tele-vision or radio waves containing copyrighted Scientology content into the public airwaves.'”

“T2 is many light years away. SMP expects to get operational authorization from T2 in about 25,000 years,” Delusion noted. “And when we get that authorization, the station is ready to flip a switch and begin broadcasting. Until then, there are COB events and LRH Congresses to listen to for the next 25,000 years.”

Scientology OT7 Richard “Big Dick” Bongo warns SP’s to Shut the Hell Up!

Scientologist OT7 Richard “Big Dick” Bongo warns SP’s to shut the hell up and stop talking about Scientology and the Aftermath or he will make them shut up!

“I’m goddamn sick and tired of hearing about this show,” exclaimed Big Dick Bongo. “And yeah, I know the show won an Emmy but so what? Those faggots in Hollywood make an Emmy sound like it’s some kind of  big deal. Well it’s not! And for the record I’d rather have my e-meter than an Emmy!”