Scientology is not a Cult!

Scientology is not a Cult! Lots of groups dress in matching uniforms and fan out on Segways to distribute literature about the Psychs and their use of drugs to keep the Fourth Dynamic Engram in place.

4 responses to “Scientology is not a Cult!

  1. …and I’m Griselda-Maud von Seyffertitz, Empress of All the Russians.

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  2. What a Thrill to be a Member of the Cult of Scientology with apologies to OT8, my fav, but honestly teal tees & placards saying drugs & Psychs! Those Segways are fantastic because the suckers hone in on us SPs and the Scientology pilots of them lol end up flipping over the handlebars. So much for OT abilities. What a Gang! πŸ’› to OT8.

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  3. It;s not a cult! It’s a criminal organization that pretends to be a religion, so they can steal more money, abuse people, and engage in human trafficking.

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