Scientologist Bobby Villa to Run for US Congress


Scientologist and New OTVIII Bobby Villa, owner of Villa Investments LLC of Tampa Bay

“My sister Joy Villa is really stupid,” declared New OTVIII Bobby Villa. “You’d have to be a moron to vote for her for Congress. Joy is a completely occluded case who can’t run wholetrack. Worse, she pretends to be a Christian and does all this phony praying. Why is she so ashamed to tell the world she’s a Scientologist? I’m not afraid to tell anyone. I want everyone to be a Scientologist because we’re so theta!”

“Joy wore that asinine MAGA dress to the Grammy’s and she thinks that makes her fit for Congress? Oh hell no! She’s too stupid. Her OCA is one of the lowest ever scored in the entire history of Scientology. Joy’s IQ is 16. And her 2D Thurston Howell is even worse. He’s a doormat who does whatever Joy tells him.”

“I’m the only Villa who’s fit to run for Congress,” insisted Bobby. “I’ve done all three L’s and my IQ is over 200 as measured by the Oxford Capacity Analysis. I have a degree in business from the Hubbard College of Administration. I’m ready for Congress. Joy’s not ready for anything except cleaning dumpsters with a toothbrush — and she’d even manage to get that wrong. Joy can’t even tell the difference between plastic fencing and a dress!”

Joy Villa wearing orange plastic fencing on her head and body

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