Fundraising Begins for Ideal Stock Photo Scientology Org

“With the booming numbers of stock photo Scientologists joining STAND, these stock photo publics need their own dedicated Org to service their special needs,” said Ken Delusion, Executive Director of Stock Photo Parishioner Services.

“COB RTC Mr. David Miscavige has identified the perfect future Ideal Stock Photo Scientology Org. $8,000,000 is needed to license this image. Fundraising begins now. Real Scientologists are expected to donate to help stock photo Scientologists who have no money as they are mock ups. Of course,” Delusion added, “these stock photo Scientologists have a very aesthetic wavelength.”

The Future Ideal Stock Photo Scientology Org:

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  1. Following the Affluence Attainment Formula, the next project is the “Stock Photo Sea Org!” These “one step above Wogs” don’t require rice and beans. Also, they won’t need toilet paper…not that we allow it now but Stock Photo SO wont natter about it. Initial stats show the SPSO members to exhibit 47x less HE&R.


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