The Church of Stock Photo Scientologists


The Church of Stock Photo Scientologists (CSPS) is a church within the ecclesiastical hierarchy of the churches of Scientology.

The CSPS exists to ensure that the Church of Scientology never has less than 12,000,000 members no matter what.

“COB RTC Mr. David Miscavige really likes Stock Photo Scientologists as they they have no HE&R, are not CICS, and they say whatever Mr. Miscavige wants them to say. Moreover, Stock Photo Scientologists are all young and beautiful Caucasians with perfect white teeth,” said Scientology spokesman Ken Delusion. “In other words Stock Photo Scientologists are PR perfect Scientologists!”

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  1. Those pearly white fangs really vibrate under lights! However slip a few photos in of children and the elderly Sea Org members who have no escape even if they want to leave. Then watch those young roses wither and vanish on the wind. The entire Cult of Scientology was crafted as a trap, a lie, a crooked path to gain ill gotten riches. Ron did this not just with money but with command control obey and dm does this because it makes him feel all powerful to throw cash and tantrums in rapid succession. And claim his OTness via sad Sea cruises for those public and those Ideal Morgues all clamoring to go Clear & OT. Like Old Saint Hill did & I know where that ended up.The last celebs and whales all carrying more money than sense,on an old old ship that is going to give it up any moment now. Thank you OT8 love your style.πŸ’›

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  2. Some of us die-hard, gung-ho, never say never, loyal to the core, hangers on till the bitter end, non-dilettante, in-KSW, true blue Scientologists might not be so young and beautiful anymore. Is COB talking about young and beautiful meat sacks or young at heart thetans? Of course there is no such thing as a young or beautiful thetan so does that just mean young Homo Novi who are beautiful because they did a beautiful thing like up their IAS Status. I’ve tried clay demo-ing this to no avail.

    PS I miss those photos of a young and beautiful Shelly. Where ever she is…

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