Scientology Targeting Children

“With Sea Org recruitment at an all time low, we in Scientology have decided to target children,” announced Ken Delusion.

“We’re using colorful clown vending machines at toy stores, ice cream parlors, and other places children like.”

“As a child approaches the colorful vending machine, a trap door  opens up and swallows the child.”

“Children are nothing more than trillion year old thetans in little bodies. Sea Org life will toughen up these freeloading little phonies who want to exploit “growing up” into their 20’s!


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  1. While this is funny, the abuse of children by $cientology is one of the biggest crimes of that evil cult. The Sea Org is slavery, and there are multiple credible allegations of physical abuse of children in $cientology, and reports that $cientology will protect pedophiles if they are donating lots of $ to the criminal cult.

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  2. First off I am not laughing at the abuse of children by Scientology in the least.. however I am laughing at the image of how the cult would recruit them and OT8 has it nailed and mixing in those scary clowns too! It is like the CF parties they are the same now as when I did it in 1974- 78, except I had banana boxes instead of plastic bins. Still the cult is so back in the past with all it does. Satire can proceed humor which proceeds healing & helps me be even more determined to keep blowing holes in the tattered cloak of religion the cult is struggling to keep in one piece. Thank you. 💛❤️💜

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  3. We have all arrived to the world through a mother a father made it into and we are all the owner of a planet together to do the best of in our common interest. “Birds fly, fish swim and clams shut up”.


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