Jenna Elfman and Her Embarrassing New ABC Sitcom “Imaginary Mary”

“As a Scientology OT, Jenna Elfman’s ability to telepathically audit her BT’s made her a natural to play the part of a grown woman who talks to an imaginary childhood friend,” said an ABC executive who spoke under the condition of anonymity.

“However, yes, I have to agree that once we actually made two episodes of Imaginary Mary, the show does come off as freakish, unnatural, and bizarre,” admitted the exec. “We at ABC plan to dispose of this ill-conceived bomb of a show quietly and without sorrow after a few episodes.”

Meanwhile, on her Reddit AMA, Jenna Elfman did not exactly show the OT powers we in RTC expect from our OT’s. There were also SP Joker’s and Degraders:

Jenna was so very highly enturbulated by recent events that she dramatized her upset by leaping from a second story window. Fortunately, Tom Cruise was there to treat her at the scene of this accident:


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  1. As noted in the above article:
    “…Jenna Elfman did not exactly show the OT powers we in RTC expect from our OT’s.”
    NO, Jenna certainly did not show any OT ability at all in her Reddit AMA responses. Jenna needs to get off her high horse (or maybe out from under it) and confront this J&D onslaught like a real OT. Jenna should seek out a worthy and seasoned mentor, a real Senior Scientologist who knows how to confront and shatter suppression – https://otviiiisgrrr8.com/2016/12/20/kirstie-alleys-scientology-ot-charm-school-now-in-session/

    P.S. I don’t think the photo of the woman in the article is not really Jenna. Let’s just say that Jenna isn’t that amply endowed…


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