Scientology Leader David Miscavige Arrested in North Korea


In an attempt to punish America, North Korea arrested Scientology leader David Miscavige during his inspection tour of Scientology’s Ideal Org Pyongyang.

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un said that America will now quickly collapse without the supremely wise guidance and leadership of the great humanitarian David Miscavige.

Asked for a comment by reporters, the US State Department replied, “North Korea apparently reads and believes Scientology’s websites to be true. This is quite comical.”

When pressed for a response to David Miscavige having been sentenced to 25 years of hard manual labor on a prison farm, a US State Department official commented that the weather in North Korea was actually rather pleasant this time of year.

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  1. Idiots!!!!! Those stupid fucking North Koreans couldn’t duplicate shit if they were standing in it. If they were influenced by Scientology websites as they claim in this article, they really floofed the goof (or however that saying goes). Any moron knows you NEVER arrest a world renowned ecclesiastical leader, you kidnap them. Geeesh! If you arrest someone, what do you get? Nothing. If you kidnap someone what do you get? RANSOM MONEY!!! And lots of it!!! Even the greenest Sea Org Recruiter knows this. You recruit some youngster with wealthy parents and as long as you can hold them hostage, you have wealthy parents upping their Status faster than salt thru a thin Swede.
    Catch a clue North Korea, and start doing something right for a change like Scientology always does cuz we have the only workable Tech in this sector of the guh-lax-ee.

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  2. I wish this was true. Scientology is a very bizarre and mean cult that represents nothing good in this world. The only thing that anyone would do to trigger a stalking is just breathe the contaminated air in this world, that is contaminated by Scientology.


  3. Even though we all know that this isn’t true, it’s good for a warm fuzzy feeling & a giggle. Thanks to whoever created this fantasy which the rest of the world who know about the little man (Miscaviage) can dream about really happening. He wouldn’t do well in a North Korean prison camp. There’s only room for 1 narcissistic megalomaniac in that country. I don’t see Kim sharing his throne with Davey!


    • Yeah right. Some stupid wog with the fake name of “John Doe” is trying to preach to we in Scientology about fake news. Why don’t you stop attacking Scientology and get a real life?


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