Kirstie Alley’s Scientology OT Charm School Now in Session


Kirstie Alley, Scientology New OT VII feels compelled to slug people in the vagina or the nuts to shame them. These are effective solutions for life Kirstie gained after donating millions of dollars to we in the Church of Scientology. This is true because Kirstie is not some fucking fake OT 7:


Scientologist Kirstie Alley gives the OT Salute:


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  1. Nobody can display Theta like Kristie. That’s why COB has a picture of her framed and hanging over his bed. He admires her as he admires no other Scientologist.

    We in RTC know these things, and approve totally!

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  2. Of course Kirstie is not some fucking fake OT VII, she’s a New OT VII (regular OT VII, GAT I OT VII, GAT II OT VII and ready to do GAT III OT VII if that comes out before she does New OT VIII). She’s also retreading the GAT II Student Hat and is in the middle of her Basics and ACC studies.

    It is easy to see Kirstie’s OT abilities in action as she reflects her lofty tone level via a very MESTy OT salute. Who doesn’t just love this in-KSW celebrity who never rests when it comes to shattering suppression and getting ethics in on this lousy prison planet.

    So let this be a warning to all you ignorant wogs out there who place Kirstie at ‘shame’ on the tone scale, cover your ass and your knards or you will feel the wrath of Khan’s #1 coming your way.


  3. Is this how OT’s demonstrate their total control over mest, time, space etc? Hell, I can do that now and I’m not even Clear. And Kirsty paid hundreds of thousand dollars to master this technique? What a dumbass!


  4. Great…just great. Once again, a Titanic sized breach in security protocols allows the Founder’s secret technology to be made available to anyone…for free!!

    Kirstie is so out ethics reveling the secrets of OT VII. This is not KSW!! Stay tuned for the Sec checks. COB should broadcast them on SuMP.


  5. One should never turn their backs to an OT7. Especially if some buffet line is involved. Krustie did OT 7 last summer on the Fleecewinds, $cientologies wonderful cruise ship. As a full paying member, Krustie didn’t have to row the boat like the rest of ‘passengers’. She did get to bang the drum a few times and make the other ‘passengers’ speed up or slow down. Fortunately, the captain didn’t want to water ski during that trip. But there is always tomorrow!!

    If Krustie is such an effective ‘disseminator’, why isn’t Cliff Claven in $cientology? She really needs to up her game. Why Jenna Elfman is ‘auditing’ horses!! Or something like that.

    OT8isgreat, I loved your appearance on the Remini show. But I missed the mustache. Please consider growing it back. It wasn’t too porny.


    • Quit sucking up to the proprietor zemoo, he had the worst porn stash ever except for maybe me. My vote is don’t grow it back.


  6. Wait, didn’t Tony Ortega (who you have linked here) ban someone from his blog for fat shaming Kirstie? Oh but the comments about the fact that Marty Rathbun should kill himself still stand. Sorry it’s just hard to keep up with the handbook of politically correct insults and bullying.


    • We have thousands of comments here. Please post a link to the comment you are referencing and we will be glad to remove it. We don’t traffic in generalities, so please send a link of actual evidence.

      BTW, we in RTC can’t keep up with Marty’s sniveling whiny butthurt lies. How long is he going to drag out his endless screed? And when will he say that Inc II of OT III never happened because he was there? When will he say that the Scientology is an invented narrative? Will we get to see that part?


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