Tom Cruise to Star in L. Ron Hubbard Biopic!


Tom Cruise gains 50 pounds to play L. Ron Hubbard in Scientology Media Production’s upcoming LRH biopic The Way to Make a Fortune is to Start a Religion!

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  1. As always, Tom does his own stunts, is the consummate professional and his leading ladies find him utterly charming. Will he be receiving a back end deal from Scientology? A lot of people in Scientology seem to receive back end deals, or so they say when they leave.

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    • Mr. Cruise got a big back end deal a long time ago. He wakes everyday thinking about how his big back end deal ended in three divorces and his being ordered by COB to move into a glorified apartment in Clearwater. Mr. Cruise might as well be a SO member.

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      • I do not think tc could last five minutes in the Sea Org. Oh he sees himself as the next head of the cult but he is so used to his life and his creature comforts and his piles of cash, I think he would find the SO life much too demanding. He can live out his life in that glorified apartment-talk about being trapped Forever in the arms of the cult. Tc I have no sympathy. Not with the way you embraced Disconnection & how you turn a blind eye to abuse of young children and elderly in the cult etc and how you have been such a great Scientology Dad to Siri. Thank you OT8 just my thoughts.💛


  2. Now there is some perfect casting! Tc as Ron, and of course Dm will play himself pompadour and all. Because I know who the true author of all Old Ron’s work was. Dm did it all along, genius Big Being that he is. Thank you OTVIIIisGrrr8, a good Sun laugh! 💛

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    • Tom Cruise was born for this role and has been preparing for it for decades. This is why he began having his nose prematurely aged in 1991 by dipping it each day in a foamy niacin bath. Err, at least we think it was a foamy niacin bath. It may have been some other type of facial, but we don’t want to go there.

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