Freedom Magazine Special Report: The Four Year Rampage of the Underground Bunker

A veritable Internet Fortress of Suppression, the Underground Bunker has broadcast entheta 24/7/365 to a global audience of over-caffeinated wogs for four consecutive Earth years now.

But what are the real facts?

“The Underground Bunker is infinitely more dangerous than even premature exposure to the OT materials,” warned Dr. Ken Delusion, CO of Flag’s Nuclear Physics Implanting Unit #3.

“To demonstrate the dangerousness of the Underground Bunker,” said Dr. Delusion, “we took two downstat Scientology publics who were on the verge of being declared and had them actually read the Underground Bunker on their laptops. The deadly and catastrophic results speak for themselves:


“These downstats were blown fifty feet out of their heads and cognited on the importance of immediately rushing back on course in their Org and donating for their next higher IAS status level. So don’t let this happen to you! Don’t read the Underground Bunker!”

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  1. While some bigots in the ASC derided Flag’s testing of the dangerousness of the Underground Bunker as life-threatening and reckless quack experiments on hapless Scientology downstats, Dr. Ken Delusion defended his work as offering unimpeachable scientific evidence of the harm caused by reading entheta on the internet.

    “Both of the Scientology volunteers in this experiment lost 12.5 years of case gain as measured by the OCA,” said Dr. Delusion. “Therefore, we can statistically conclude that reading even one day of the Underground Bunker results in a one year loss of case gain.”


    • Fuck the ASC!!!! These downstats were on the verge of losing their eternities anyway, so I see no problem at all with exposing them to the case gain robbing UB. It’s a simple matter of the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics. Suppression is some powerful shit and every Scientologist should stick to their telex machines for modern high speed communication needs and avoid even the remotest possibility of going PTS to the middle class by even thinking that they need to join some suppressive chat on the suppressive Internet. Besides, if you’re not on course, getting auditing, body routing, being a Volunteer Minister, handing out TWTH booklets, selling DMSMH, swabbing the decks on the Freewinds, or begging for money from anyone and everyone you know to up your IAS status, you are obviously out-KSW and have other fish to fry. Get your ethics in folks, these suppressive, psych influenced, drug addled wogs who patronize the UB will surely fade away as we consistently 47x our stats. I bet there are only half a dozen readers over there anyway so do you want to be with the group that’s winning or losing?

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  2. What, no fines or ‘Traitor’ designation on the Tone Scale for those 2 SPs? How can they go back on lines without striking a blow against these woggy wogs?


  3. COB has a cognition!! Reading The Underground Bunker made the test subjects donate $ to the IAS!! COB now declares that ALL scientologists MIST read the bunker, then make donations to the IAS as amends!!

    Those who don’t read the bunker will RUE THE DAY!! We have proof of this and may post it – someday.

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